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Wickedly Delicious Couple #6

Sundays have never been more Sexier

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My Delcious Pick:
Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4)
by Kristen Ashley
Purchase Link: Amazon

Stuck in a colorless world, Tyra Masters decides to chuck her old life and starts searching for something. She doesn’t know what it is until she meets her dream man. The goateed, tattooed, muscled, gravelly voiced motorcycle man who plies her with tequila and gives her the best sex of her life. But she knows it isn’t the tequila and sex talking. He’s it. He’s who she’s been daydreaming about since she could remember.

Until he makes it clear she isn’t who he’s looking for.

Tyra slinks away from his bed, humiliated. The problem is, he’s her new boss. She just may or may not have forgotten to tell him that part.

Kane “Tack” Allen has a rule. He doesn’t employ someone he’s slept with. And he lets Tyra know that in his motorcycle man way. Tyra fights for her job and wins it using sass and a technicality. Tack challenges her that if she hits his bed one more time, she loses her job.

Tyra is determined to keep her job and keep away from Tack. But she makes a big mistake. During their head-to-heads, she lets it all hang out and shows Tack she is who he’s looking for. And Tack has had a good woman slip through his fingers, he’s not about to let that happen again.

Although Tack colors Tyra’s world with a vibrancy that’s blinding, being with him means she has to live in his Motorcycle Club world. Full on, no holds barred. And since Tack’s world, not to mention Tack, is a little scary, Tyra isn’t so sure.

It's Tack's job to convince her.
Tack and Tyra are total opposite. He is a badass biker babe who is rough around the edges and lives in biker babe badass world where he does not use a plate to eat Pizzas, do not use a coaster for his beer, puts his feet on the coffee table and gives it to you straight with out gentle words. She is clean cut, organize, uses plates for pizzas, coasters for beer, does not put her feet on the coffee table and needs the gentle words.  What I love about Tack and Tyra is that he will try and give her the gentle words she needs and she will try to live in his biker babe badass world. What I like about Tack and Tyra they do not try and change everything about each other, just a few things to help them work out their total different worlds. Trya is Tacks Office Manager for his garage. He thinks she needs to wear jeans but she thinks she needs to wear her pencil skirts with her fancy high heels. She wins and still wears her pencil skirts with fancy high heels. It is not easy as they do have their moments. Love Trya, she is strong, beautiful and will do anything (like kick some ass) to protect Tacks love ones.

Found this on Kristen Ashley Facebook on what someone thought Tack looks like. It is a perfect version of him. He is  Rugged, built with sexy Tatts.


  1. I've been seeing a LOT of Kristen Ashley books floating around the blogs here :)
    Must check her out.
    Here is my WDC:

    1. Hi sweetie. Thanks for participating in WDC. Heading over to see your pick this week.

  2. Hey you,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book and especially Tack!! OMG...I think this is my fave Kristen Ashley book!!! It was so good-I already have reread it!! LOL Great choice!! I loved how Tyra was with him and how she stuck up for herself!! So good!! :)

    1. Forgot to leave mine:

    2. Hi sweetie. Thanks for participating in WDC. I am happy she ended the series with Tack.


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