Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wicked Teaser: An Inconvenient Mate by Lora Leigh

An Inconvenient Mate (Breeds #25)
Tied with a Bow Anthology
by Lora Leigh


18 & Over TEASER:

"Are you sure you want a head start?" His voice dropped, sexual, heated, it stroked over her senses with an intimacy she hadn't expected.

"It would be wise. Just to make certain I know what I'm doing, mind you." She had no idea what the hell she was doing, and that was a fact.

His hand rose, his fingertip tucking beneath the hair that had fallen over her shoulder to find her exposed collarbone as he leaned closer, his lips at her ear. "When I find you, I'm going to undress you, then spread you out and lick all the lush, sweet  cream I can smell flowing from your pussy. When I've drowned my senses in the taste of you, I'm going to fuck you with my tongue, lick more of you, then listen to your screams as you come."


OMG seriously forget about getting a head start from this sexy breed  chasing me.  Whisper those yummy dirty words in my ear and game over.  I would of jumped him right there in the bar. Yeah baby I so want to play with this breed.


  1. Lord God... this snippet is so damn HOT, I think I want to take that breed into a private room for a couple of hours LOL. Thanks for sharing this sexy snippet!! I will definitely have to read this now :D

    1. Hello sweetie. LOL. Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice weekend.


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