Saturday, March 9, 2013

NA Review: Saving Grace by Christine Zolendz

Saving Grave (Mad World #2)
by Christine Zolendz
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Blurb by Goodreads
After spending over 2,000 years being a lost soul looking for the angel I was forbidden to fall in love with, I finally found him. Lucky for me he has taken up residence inside the hot body of NYC’s local bad boy, tattooed rock star, Shane Maxton. Turns out, not only is he absolutely perfect, so is the whole Grace Taylor life that I’m stuck in. The only problem is Gabriel. An archangel who wants me all to himself so he kind of kidnaps me. Now I have to find my way back and hope everything works out…
Saving Grace was an intense read that is full of different emotions. The characters just came alive. It starts off with some serious angst as Shane and Grace have a few misunderstandings and use hurtful words when around each other. My heart broke for Shane as he was heartbroken and mad over these misunderstandings. Once things settle down between Shane and Grace he is a sweetheart and swoon worthy. Grace thinks she is broken and they will not work out.

Bringing his hands to my face, he leaned over me, lightly stroking my cheeks with his fingertips. "Then let me in, because I promise you, I will pick up every little broken piece of you, every single fucking piece, Grace, and for the rest of my fucking life I will put you back together...I'll make you whole again."
Loved Grace as she was a strong will heroine that has went through a lot in her life. Now that she wants to get on with her life a certain villain who she thought was her friend at one time is making it hard for her. Loved how she can hold her own with everyone. Many surprises with her actions as I did not see coming and was so happy she did certain things especially when it came to Shane. He is all yummy with his jealous, protective and sweet side.
The sexual tension was through the roof HOT! Wow.. Saving Grace took it up quite a few notches in the steamy department compare to Fall From Grace (Mad World #1).
Great Laugh Out Loud moments when the group is together. Love the band members as they all act like they are brothers even though they are not. They are a family and look after one another. Now that Grace is part of the band they treat her like she is family. I love how they look after her and some build a great friendship with her.
I liked- 3stars Fall From Grace and so happy I continued on with Mad World series. Really you have to read Saving Grace right after Fall From Grace to get the full effect. Because Fall From Grace was a kick butt novel towards the end and Saving Grace leaves off from there and continues with being kick butt with many twist you never see coming. Saving Grace was a page turner for me that I could not swipe my kindle fast enough. I wish there were more Shane and Grace as I am not ready to leave them just yet.



  1. Nice Review! I really want to read this now!!! Its sounds like a very sexy read! I have already put it on my tbr! I hope you are having a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks sweetie. Read Fall From Grace #1 first then right after read this to get a good effect of the novel. Loved it.


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