Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sexy Snippets: Kate's Crew by Jayne Rylon

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My sexy snippet comes from a new author for me who I am now a big fan of.  Huge thank you to  CS Maxwell ~ Where's My Muse? for giving me a new author to stalk. Don't worry babe King Cobra is coming up soon to read.  

Kate's Crew (Powertools #1)
by Jayne Rylon
Before she knew what she intended, her fingers tucked in the slats at eye level and her nose smooshed against the cool, painted wood.
Oh. My. God.
From this angle, she caught the strong profiles of both James and Neil. Tall and lithe, Neil leaned on the end of the countertop for support, his jeans unbuttoned. Framed in worn denim, his cock jutted from the vee of his fly. James hovered a mere inch away from the head. His lips parted, glistening with saliva, as though waiting for permission.
"Suck it". The gruff command reverberated through the space, causing a trickle of wetness to run onto Kate's thighs.
In the kitchen, Neil buried his fingers in James's sun-bronzed hair, using the grip to tug the kneeling man closer still. With two fingers, he aimed his erect shaft straight for James's open mouth. When he slid inside, balls-deep with a single stroke, the look of rapture on both men's faces stole her breath.
From behind her, Mike's hands travelled lower, dipping beneath the waistband of her pants. He shoved them over her hips until they pooled on the floor. "Mmm...you smell delicious. Wet already? I thought you might enjoy the show."
Sorry lovelies do not want to spoil the outcome for you. Want more show time will have to get Kate's Crew. If interested in what I thought of Kate's Crew check out my review.


  1. This was a HAWT scene and my fave in the book watching the men play together. You could see throughout that they cared about each other, too.

    1. I am loving this group of friends. Yes you can tell they care for each other.


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