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Review: Here Be Sexist Vampires by Suzanne Wright

Here Be Sexist Vampires (Deep In Your Veins #1)
by Suzanne Wright
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Blurb by Goodreads
Sam Parker is a vampire with a gift so strong and substantial that she is invited to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire’s private army. She finds that not only has the army never included a woman, but it has never included a Sventé vampire; a breed that is regarded by the super strong Pagori breed and the hypnotically beautiful Keja breed to be too tame and human-like. Most refuse to take her seriously, especially a Pagori commander named Jared who she craves in spite of herself.

The Grand High Master, however, sees her potential and offers her the position of Jared’s co-commander to help train the newest squad in time for the impending attack on his home. Sam has to demonstrate to Jared and the squad of chauvinists why it is incredibly foolish to underestimate a willful, temperamental, borderline-homicidal Sventé female.

Warning: This novel contains an iron-willed female vampire with an energy whip, a sexist male vampire who is determined to have her, explicit vampy sex, and a romance story with real bite.
After reading Feral Sins (Phoenix Pack #1) by Suzanne Wright I was looking forward to reading another novel by her as I loved her writing style and her sexy alpha male heroes. But for me Here Be Sexist Vampires was a 3 stars - Like It read. I was hoping to love it as much as Feral Sins.

Here Be Sexist Vampires starts off with a bang when Sam a vampire with a special gift is invited to join Grand High Master Vampire’s private army by taking a test. Loved how it starts off with her competing against other’s who were also invited and she kicked some butt. It got very slow and too descriptive once she was accepted and had to train others. It bore me to read when she went through every single guys paperwork in detail. I loved how I got details on her team but each team member background went on and on, could of done with out too many details. Other times the novel was slow and was easy to put down and pick back up, but when it picked up it was good with a few twist I did not see coming.
Loved her character as she is strong will, kick butt but not over the top. The first time she fights with Jared is sexy and loved it. Loved them together as a couple which they have to work at it. They do butt heads in the beginning and enjoyed their scenes. The sexual tension is hot and love scenes had me fanning my self with a sexy dirty talking hero. Suzanne Wright knows how to write a hero who is sexy, jealous, possessive, protective with an alpha male attitude and Jared is right up there. Love it when they talk telepathically to each other. Makes it more personal.

Was not big on the ending, no worries it is not a cliffhanger. For me it was a little cheesy and did not Wow me where I have to read book 2, Like now. Even though Here Be Sexist Vampires was at times slow and easy for me to put down and pick back up I still enjoyed the characters and story line enough to read The Bite That Binds (Deep In Your Veins #2).



  1. Nice review! I haven't heard of this one. I might just have to give this author a try.

    1. My first novel by Suzanne Wright was Feral Sins (Phoenix Pack #1). Wow Suzanne knows how to write some sexy alpha male heroes. Loved it. This novel did not wow me like Feral Sins but enjoyed it enough to continue with the series.


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