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ARC Review: Kane's Mate by Hazel Gower

Kane's Mate (Armageddon Mates #1)
by Hazel Gower
Blurb by Goodreads
Faith's life has always balanced in two worlds—the normal human world and the supernatural. Now she has to choose between the two.

Faith York is human, but she has psychic powers, which is a little odd since neither of her parents have paranormal abilities. Thankfully, the werewolf family who lived around the corner help her learn to control her powers. She instantly fell in love with the entire family, but especially Kane, the oldest son who is next in line to be Alpha. Unfortunately, Kane doesn't see Faith the same way she sees him. Heartbroken, she leaves town.

When Faith returns from two years overseas, her parents throw her a welcome home party. Faith is shocked when Kane kidnaps her from the party and mate marks her. Now she struggles with the choice of whether to leave again and live a normal life—a life she yearns for—or stay with the man she's always dreamed of and live a supernatural life.

To complicate matters further, her psychic powers intensify and she begins to have visions of an upcoming demon Armageddon. Then she learns she was switched at birth, and she has a half-brother…who is half demon.

Faith must be stronger than she ever believed possible, and maybe in the process, she can trust herself to give Kane another chance.

Content Warning: Sexy werewolf alpha, graphic sex, strong language, and violence.


Loved Kane’s Mate with a sexy, over growling-tattoo-wolf shifter hero. Kane is just how I like my heroes, overly protective, bit jealous, possessive, alpha male 100% with a dirty-talking-mouth that he sure knows how to use in the bedroom. But that poor mouth of his does get him in trouble of few times with Faith. Loved when he would say or do something that does not go good with Faith, his brothers would have to step in and put him in his place.
Loved it when Kane said something that Faith did not like and Arden kicked him under the table for it. It is a little giggle moment as Kane has know clue what he did wrong. All the brothers are hot and over protective of Faith. She has been part of their family since she was young. Wow there is a lot of good moments with the yummy brothers when it comes to protecting Faith. Love the brotherly love with the back and forth bickering and joking with them. Loved coming to a scene with the sexy brothers, just knew it was not going to be boring. They add so much to the story, never taking away from Kane and Faith’s time.

Faith I did enjoy her character as she is strong will but she was a little over the top for me. Loved how she would do anything to save her brother but was a bit too much of her kicking basically anybody in her way in their private parts to get to her brother. Loved how she would put Kane in his place when he needed to be.
Wow! Kane and Faith scorched my poor e-reader in the bedroom with some panty-changing scenes. They were for sure made for each other and thought they fit perfect together. I could not see Kane with anybody else since he is line to be the next Alpha. She made a perfect Alpha mate. Loved how she was not one to sit back when danger was around. This leads to some good scenes with her driving Kane and his wolf crazy. Kane is a doctor and loved it when she was annoyed with him she would call him Dr. Wolfen. Kane knew he was in the dog house when she did this.

The cover is for sure a lusting moment. Loving it but was bummed Kane had hair in the novel. I still had no problem visioning the hero on the cover has Kane though. Mouth-dropping-open-drooling sexy!

Hazel Gower has a new fan and look forward to reading more of her novels especially the brothers in Armageddon Mate series. Rane is the next brother up in Rane's Mate (Armageddon Mates, #2), May 20 2013.
ARC provided by author for an honest review
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  1. OOOOWWEEE LOVE the cover! I put this one on my TBR bc of your review. I'll definitely be looking more into this one!

    -Amanda P

    Lets Get Romantical
    Where the Night Kind Roam

    1. Yay can not wait to see what you think. The cover is the best!

  2. Great review, WD! :) And you know I love the cover! I'm definitely putting this one on my wishlist.


    1. Shoot I should of saved this for our Shifter-a-thon-Read-a-long. All good she has a Bear shifter ménage novel Theirs I will have to add to the poll for May.

  3. I was looking forward to you review...awesomeness Capri!I'm adding this to my TBR list :)

    1. Loved it and of course freakin love the cover!

  4. HOLY SHIT--that cover rocks--very daring and erotic!
    Never heard of this--got to check it out now. Thanks for the book pimpin' :0

    1. Had the cover a while back as one of pick for L4C. HOLYSHIT is right. Love the cover and need to find out who the cover model is. Yummy!


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