Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wicked Wednesday Cover: Rogue Rider (UK version)

Rogue Rider (UK Cover)
A Lords of Deliverance Novel #4
by Larissa Ione Blog

Good Morning Lovelies! Have to give a big shout out and thank you to Tyras Book Addiction for having this cover on her blog. Had to do some digging around and found out it is the UK version (no cover yet for US) This is Reseph's Story not due to come out Dec or Jan. (should come out same time as US).

I am drooling here. Luvin Reseph's cover. I think this might be the hottest and my fave UK cover of  The Lords of Deliverance series. The model for Reseph is beautiful, sexy, gorgeous and goes well with his white horse. Compare to all of the other UK version in this series I see this one softer but still rugged while he is holding his bow and arrow. I hope this  made your day as much it did for me.

UK Covers


  1. Have you read this series??
    I meant to tell you to check out this blog:
    She is super nice and I think you will like her and her site. She is also on Goodreads.
    Talk to you later. Have a good day!!

    1. Awsome!!! Don't stop keep them coming. You know what I like baby! I will check them out tomorrow.

  2. Oh, and look at this blog also -- she has great sexy pictures on her site: and this is another one Coffee and Porn in the morning -- be warned before opening --lots of naked sexy pics and pics of coffee: LOL ;) Let me know what you think of these 3 sites.

    1. Thanks for the sites awesome. LOL coffee and men. Made my day Haha! I am so the naughty twin right now!

  3. Wait I have one more blog you'll like.
    That's it, I won't bother you again. LOL :)

  4. I have one more:
    OK, that is it. You won't hear anymore from me!! LOL :)


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