Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: Burning Up Flint by Laurann Dohner

Erotic Romance

Burning Up Flint (Cyborg Seduction Series #1)
By Laurann Dohner
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4 Stars

Flint is tall, gorgeous and dangerous. He’s a cyborg—the absolute ultimate alpha male. He takes what he wants and holds what is his. Mira is his now. He takes her aboard his ship and has her branded with his mark. He captured her, owns her, and she will serve his every need.

Mira is instantly drawn to Flint, fascinated by his seductive appeal. The sex between them is smoking hot. Until she finds out he is a breeder, contracted to a dozen cyborg women, and she is no more than a possession.

Mira won’t share her cyborg and she belongs to no one—not even to a man who has captured her heart. She doesn’t know if cyborgs feel…anything. Can Flint love her? Mira is determined to find out, no matter how much trouble she makes for the big guy.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a sexy, voyeuristic bondage scene in which Flint generously demonstrates his sizzling skills for the benefit of another cyborg.


My Thoughts

I was not sure how I was going to like a Cyborg for the Hero. I am glad I gave this book a chance it was very good. I like the scene where Flint & Mira are seeing the doctor. Some find it not so nice, but I thought Laurann did a fine job with Flint being sincere blocking her from others viewng her. Granted later he does not block her from others viewing her but in the beginng he did. Got to think this is a fiction book so Flints character can be an A$$ with no emotions because that is only what these cyborgs know. I did enjoy how Mira was able to bring out the softer side in Flint. I hated/love one secondary character. Hated this character at the beginning but loved him towards the end. I am eager to read his story to see if he will find a love who will bring him to his knees. If you like your men Alpha with a good plot and loves scenes that are erotic give Burning Up Flint a chance.

                               Erotic    Paranormal Romance Cyborg Hero
                       Sexy Alpha Male Hero

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