Friday, April 6, 2012

18 & Over Book Blogger Follow #23

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Question of the week:
Have you read a romance or erotic novel with an M/M or F/F relationship in it? If so, did you enjoy the read? And if you haven't, is that something you would read in the future?

My answer:
I have never read a strictly M/M or F/F book.  No reason why just never tried one. The only book that comes to mind having M/M would be Cowgirl Up And Ride. He was a secondary character (can not remember his name) and I do not remember if he was Cord the hero Cousin or Brother. Forgive me but it has been awhile since I read this book. I do remember there is a scene where he gets caught by another brother or cousin while he is having a menage quatage with other men. Okay I will have to admit the only reason I remeber this scene is one it was pretty friggin sexy reading four men getting it on. Two him and his cousin or brother play a important roll in the book. Can not give you details because it will spoil it for you.
Yes I would read a M/M or F/F book. I think I would read a M/M  before a F/F. Only because I tend to like my Hero Alpha (prefer in and out of bed). I also do like them to be Dominate, Pushy, Arrogant, Possessive, Jealous but also gentle and loving. If I read a F/F I think I would want both Heroines to be beautiful, gentle and loving but have some possessive/jealous in them. I guess I like my men to be manly and rugged. My woman I like them to be beautiful and sensual but still be kickass.
Leave me a comment with your link. Love to see your answer.


  1. Lorelei James is queen of m/m erotica...but I also have a weak spot for Lauren Dane and Tymber Dalton. I need an emotional connection as well as the physical.
    Here is my blog:

  2. Never heard of Tymber Dalton might have to check it out. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey you,
    How was your day?? I'm a little late getting to my comments on this blogger follow!! You're so funny. I love Lorelei James and Cord just happens to be my fav McKay. It was his cousins, but it's Long Hard Ride where all the real intense man love starts. LOL ;) I prefer my M/M with a F in the middle or on top or on bottom. LOL ;) I haven't read that many strictly M/M romance books, but my Naughty twin, like you I look for the same thing in the men--ALPHA!! ;)
    Have a great Holiday with your family!!

  4. Hey, I forgot to tell you that I gave the name of your blog to another blogger to check out your site!! It is Amanda @ Sisters Unedited.
    Here if their site:
    I think you will like them and they you!!

  5. I need to catch up with this series, the ones I've read so far I've loved! I've enjoyed a few M/M romances as side stories but never picked up a strictly M/M or F/F though I think I would grab a M/M over a F/F, I'm with you - I like the alphas. ;)
    Thanks for participating!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Crystal. Got to love those Alphas. Still got to do my sexy snippet today. Took me a while to do my review today. See you soon.


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