Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alpha Male Hero of the Month: Dage


As King of the Realm,  Dage Kayrs will do anything (even kill) to protect his mate and family.  He is pushy, arrogant and a little  impatient at times.  He is also gentle, loving and caring.  It has taken him three hundred years  to find his mate and he will do anything  to protect her, even lock her up in her room when she has put her self in danger.

My fave quote:
"I'll not be branded, Dage." She swallowed rapidly, trying to clear her head.

He raised an eyebrow. "The marking only appears when we touch our mates. love. I drank your blood, and it appeared." His jaw fiirmed. "You will be marked."

Her temper stirred to war with deisre. "No."

His full lips quirked. "I should've known the Queen of the Realm would be a pain in my ass."

On  Rebecca Zanetti website she has pictures of the Dark Protectors. She has Gerard Butler shown as Dage. Great choice. I can picture Gerard calling his mate "love".

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  1. Oh Gerard, my love... *SIGH* Yes, he can play the hero in my romance novels anyday! Lol.

    Another series I need to read! Love the quote you shared, sounds like even though he's the tough alpha male, the heroine isn't a spinless twit! Always a good thing in a heroine. :)

    TBQ's Book Palace


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