Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sexy Snippets: Temptation Rising by A.C. Arthur

 Tuesdays have never been so sexy

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My Sexy Snippet:

Temptation Rising (The Shadow Shifters series #1)
by A.C. Arthur
Purchase link: Amazon

"Do you want me to stop?" Sharp teeth nipped at her neck, sending spikes of desire straight to her core, now creaming at his silent command. As if he'd known that would be her reaction, his fingers slipped past the thin barrier of her thong, traveling along the dampened folds that opened to her desire. The second he plunged a finger inside Kalina's world changed. Everything she thought she'd known about pleasure, that she'd taught herself through mechanics and imagination, crumbled. What he was doing, this seemingly simple touch, proved all she'd known was drastically wrong.
"No," she panted.
"You want more?
Her breath came quicker, her body inflamed by his touch. "Rome."
"Yes," he replied, his finger thrusting deeper, then pulling back.
She whimpered at the loss, pressing herself down on him immediately. "Don't Stop"
His chuckle was hoarse, rumbling through his chest as he pushed back inside her. "You don't want me to stop. It's okay, I don't want to stop either, baby. You're so wet and so ready for me. I want to feel you, taste you."

I am loving this book. So much sexual tension right now and alot of intense moments. She is a cop and investigating him undercover, but he does not know she is a cop and spying on him. And she does some sneaking around. All I can say so I do not give any spoilers is the office scene was prettty intense. I bought this book beacuse Lora Leigh gave a good praise on the cover "Deliciously edgy, sexy and certainly not to be missed. A.C. Arthur knows how to deliver the heat." That got my attention plus the blurb in back and the teaser page seemed interesting and I love those yummy Cat Shifters.  Cover not too shabby too. haha The cover is hot. I hope the story and writing continue to stay smooth.  

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Tuesdays have never been so sexy!


  1. I will definitely have to participate next week!! I put this book in my TBR pile!!

  2. Oh my, I've got a tingle in my girl bits now. lmao
    Wow, I am going to have to check this one out. Love me some sexy shifters, especially of the feline variety.
    Thanks for participating!

    P.S. You so need to read Elisabeth Naughton's Eternal Guardian series. OMG, so good!

  3. Oh my. The cover is sexy. New follower. I'm a cover whore. Come visit me as well.


  4. I have not heard of the author yet but I will be checking her out. Thanks for the hot excerpt...and I love your blog!


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