Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wicked Teaser... Mates; True and Eternal

Have you ever read a novel where the hero talks dirty in the heroine's head?  OMG... I think Alexander is the master of Dirty Talking Telepathy. Enjoy!

My hand, though bound by a metal cuff, grips the base of my cock.  See me, Sara.  See me in your mind as I see you.  My hand moves up and down as I grow harder, stiff as the bars at my back.

Sara realized she had dropped back against the chair, and her hand was flat against her belly, her fingers pointing downward like an arrow.

My skin blazes with heat, Sara.  It is wet with sweat – just as the tip of my cock glistens with come.  I want to explode, understand? It would be so easy, such a relief.
But I will not allow it.

Sara’s breath grew ragged and rough as she unbuttoned her jeans, fumbling with the zipper.  Damn him, she thought, even as she whispered his name.   Damn their bond and the need her body, her skin, her mind demanded from his vampire – and always would.  No matter their arguments, their conflicting choices, she belonged to him utterly and completely.

Oh, fuck, I’m so hard!  But I will not allow myself to come, Sara.  And do you know why?.....

If you like this teaser you really must read the Free read by Laura Wright. ** This scene occurs between Eternal Kiss and Eternal Captive ** It is just that a SCENE, but WOW it is HOT, sweet and fun.  It is a treat to see how Alexander and Sara are doing.  Loving Alexander in this scene with his Alpha attitude.  This scene makes me want to read their story again.

Free Read!
Mark of the Vampire

I would love to know what you thought of this sexy scene.


  1. I haven't read any of this series--I just put in my TBR pile!! Thanks for sharin--you know I like dirty talking!!! LOL ;)

    1. You can still see her free read and it will not spoil the series for you. If anything you get to see how good she writes. The Free scene is yummy.


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