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Wickedly Delicious Couple: #10

Sundays have never been more Sexier

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My Wicked Couple:

Claimed (Dark Protectors series #2)
by Rebecca Zanetti
Purchase Links: Amazon  Barnes & Noble

A Daring Rescue

Emma Paulsen is a geneticist driven by science. But she's also a psychic, so when a dark, good-hearted vampire frees her from the clutches of the evil Kurjans, she realizes he must be the man who's been haunting her dreams. But with a virus threatening vampires' mates, Emma may discover a whole new meaning of "lovesick"...

A Deadly Decision

As King of the Realm, Dage Kayrs has learned to practice diplomacy. Still, it's taken three hundred years to find his mate, so he'll stop at nothing to protect her—even if it means

turning his back on his own kind...


I was happy that Dage's Mate was as strong minded has he was. Dage & Emma are a perfect match both stubborn but also loving. There is never a boring moment with these two. Emma is alway defying Dage and that usually leads them to have angry sex.

Loved how Dage is King of the Realm but also has humor:

His jaw firmed. "You will be marked."

Her temper stirred to war with desire "No."

His full lips quirked. " I should've known the Queen of the Realm would be a pain in my ass."

He is arrogant:

His gaze swept her head to toe. "You're wearing my colors, love." He stalked forward and leaned down to brush her cheeck with a kiss. "Soon you'll be wearing me," he whispered for her ears only.

She never lets him in her head and he has finally had it:

His gaze sharpened. "I've given you until tomorrow morning. Lower those shields or I'll shred them."

Anger began to boil like acid in her stomach. She lifted her chim. "We'll see about that, King."

He is wickedly delicious:

The scientist fell silent as Emma's thighs began to tremble. Dage slid both hands under her to cup her ass, tugging her further into his mouth. He moaned in appreciation and Emma cried out. He worked her for a while, his mouth relentless, his tongue wicked hot until she was gasping, nearly pleading bundle of screaming nerves. If he moved just a little faster..

He chuckled again, the vibration nearly sending her over the edge. Nearly. "Dage," she moaned.

"Ah love. Now we talk about the gun."

Dark Protectors series is fast paced with a good flow of action, romance and steamy sex scenes.
You will not only fall in love with the H/h, but also the secondary characters. All play a good role in this series. You get a good feel of them and can not wait for their stories to come out. Highly recommend for all Paranormal Romance fans. 

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