Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wicked Teaser: Feral Sins

It is taking me forever to read Feral Sins. Because the sex scenes are STEAMY that I have to re-read them.  So many good sexy scenes but this is one of my Favorite ones. You know I am a sucker for a delicious hero that lifts his woman and does  dirty things against a wall.  BONUS...he is also a dirty talker! 

Are you feeling all hot and heavy? I know I am!!

Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack #1)
by Suzanne Wright
Purchase Link: Amazon 

18 & over Teaser:

Her head snapped up as she growled. "Stop branding me!"

He smiled. "Why would I want to do that, baby?" Without warning he dragged her from the counter, keeping her legs wrapped around his waist, and slammed her back against the wall. Then he plunged a finger into her ass and she cried out. "That's where I'm going to be soon, Taryn," he promised as he continued fucking her feverishly.

"No" she bit out, ignoring the carnal bliss of  the double assault to her body.

"Oh yeah your ass is going to squeeze me so tight, just like this sweet little pussy I'm fucking.


  1. Got my fix today with that teaser! Hmmm, I need to start working out again, so I can do those things without getting a charlie horse, LOL

    As always, chat later.

  2. WOWZA--**dead faint**
    I think my girly bits just clamped down--or was that the other entrance, lol.
    Jaysus woman--warn somebody next time, lol.
    GREAT snippet!

    1. LOL. I thought I did.. but that was for my Secretly Crushing on meme for tomorrow.

  3. OMG...I have this in my TBR pile waiting for me. But when you said dirty talker--it just got bumped up to the top!!!! I was waiting to see what you thought of it first before I read it. LOL :)

    1. He is a Dirty Talking wolf shifter. He is not easy on his wording. Loving this book.


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