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Secretly Crushing On... #10

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Who are you Secretly Crushing On?

My secret Crush....

The Burn List
by Julia Devlin
Purchase Link: Amazon

After spending her thirtieth birthday with her parents, straight-as-an-arrow Abby Simmons drowns her sorrows in a bottle of tequila and a splash of margarita mix. All she wants is a little excitement, one chance to go wild before she settles back into her regularly scheduled life. Fueled by liquid courage, Abby sets out to give herself the perfect gift—her bad-boy neighbor, firefighter Lukas Marlow.

Sure, Lukas likes intoxicated girls looking to turn their fantasies into reality as much as the next guy, but this is sweet little Abby. Definitely on the do-not-touch list. Determined to save her from embarrassment, he sends her away with an order to sleep it off and a promise to fulfill her desires in the sober light of day. Confident he’s scared her away for good, nothing could have shocked him more than an email from Abby the next morning, outlining her sexual to-do list.
Turns out his quiet neighbor isn’t such a good girl after all, and Lukas has no other choice but to make her burn.
Publisher’s Note: Previously published elsewhere, but has been revised and expanded for Ellora’s Cave.


OMG...I am still thinking about Lukas!  I am so crushing on him at the moment. I was crushing on him by chapter 3.  Really it should be  a law that everyone have a least one sexy neighbor who is sweet and sexy. OK maybe not. I would so be in trouble. Ha..ha...I  would be one of those crazy neighbors with the binoculars watching him mow his grass.

I love how he is always curling his hands around her neck, tracing his thumb on her bottom lip and putting his forehead against hers. Plus he does not want a relationship and she has him all tied up in knots. He can't keep his hands off her.

He curled a hand around her neck, tracing his thumb along her lower lip. "What are you doing to me?"

"What do you mean?" Her pulse raced, her heart pounding in her chest. Oh, no, was it already the end?

He pressed his forehead to hers. "You're killing me here. I already want you again." 

He is possessive and not willing to share. Even though he has shared his woman before with his fireman buddy Trevor.

"In that case," Trevor said with a grin, "I'm sure you won't mind if I take Abby onto the dance floor."

"I mind," Lukas snarled.

He is a dirty talker:

He broke the kiss, running his thumb over her bottom lip. "I've been dreaming about that eager little mouth wrapped around my cock all day."

Saved the best for last.  18 & OVER SEXY TEASER!..Oh he is a wicked lover. Not only does she love to have her ass smacked,  he also loves to do it.

Warning A Very Sexy Teaser:

"Say it," he ordered. "Tell me to fuck you."

The words wouldn't leave her throat. He delivered a rapid series of slaps that caused a fiery burn to race along her skin. Throwing her hips back into his waiting palm, she slammed her pussy down on his cock.

He groaned. "Yes, work that cunt."

The pressure began to coil tighter. He smacked her again. "Say it."

Her body clamped around him and the words ripped from her throat. "Fuck me!"

He rolled her back over and pounded into her..........


  1. wow this sounds like one HOT book!! I'm putting this on my TBR lol

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

    1. Thanks for stopping by. The Burn List is a freat steamy read. I loved it. It is a keeper for me.


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