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Review: A Whole New Light by Julia Devlin

A Whole New Light
by Julia Devlin
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E-book 69 pages


Computer expert Ethan Savage is done with his crush on his beautiful coworker. The dazzling Violet Moore is not interested and she doesn’t have a submissive bone in her body. And Ethan can’t do vanilla, especially with a woman he can’t stop thinking about owning.

In a box hidden under her bed, Violet hides her submissive fantasies. No one has ever guessed her true desires and she intends to keep it that way. Modern-day women do not want to be tied up, spanked and ordered about.

When Ethan discovers Violet’s secret, he sets out to give her a taste of true submission in one whirlwind night, but will the reality be too much to handle? Or will Violet finally see Ethan in a whole new light?



A Whole New Light is short sexy and to the point. It starts off with Ethan at Violet’s house for a party. He has decided he is tired of being her friend and wants more but knows that he is not her type. He is a Dom and she does not seem like a submissive. The party scene was fun and cute. Poor Ethan kept having naughty thoughts of Violet and would talk to himself.

If you want to know my scene let me take you into your bedroom, tie you up and smack that delectable ass until you beg for me. He smiled back. “You throw a great party.”

That night he is ready to call off their friendship, until he takes a bathroom break before leaving the party and finds a box hiding her secrets. Now he knows her secret of wanting to be submissive and will give her what he and her both want. Next day at work he acts different, showing her the real side of him, his dominate side. She is having a hard time understanding his change but at the same time it is making her hot and bothered. She flees to her office and that is when Ethan starts with his Alpha Male attitude. He starts Instant Messaging her. Love those messages he sends her. By Chapter 3 is when he had me head over heals for him with one little message.

Ethan Sage: Be forewarned, you don’t have long until I come get you.

Violet is sweet but deep down inside she wants to be submissive. She has a hard time understanding how she can be like this. While the sex club is Sexy-As-Sin it is also sweet with Ethan letting her know if she does not want to go through trying her hand at being submissive then she does not have to. Loved how Ethan is always nipping Violet’s ear, nibbling on her lip and stroking her back. There is something sexy when the hero bites the heroine lower lip.

“All right then.” He leaned down over the table and to her surprise, his strong , white teeth sank into the flesh of her lower lip.

Violet does not always give in easy to Ethan especially when he pisses her off. He has his limits when she provokes him while they are fighting OMG... The alley scene is a scorcher. I freakin love it when the hero talks dirty when he loses a little control.

“When I reach you-and make no mistake-I will.” He paced one step forward. She mirrored him keeping the distance between them. “I’m going to throw you over my shoulder, take you into the alley, and I’m going to spank your ass until it’s bright red. Then I’m going to fuck you. So be ready.”

She gave him the finger, turned and sprinted away.

The only thing I did not enjoy was that Ethan twice used the word Slut during his dirty talking moments. She enjoyed it and it turned her on. But for me it was a big turn off.

"Mmmm... I love how you're such a dirty little slut."

We meet Master Caleb as he is doing a scene for Ethan and Violet at the sex club. Master Caleb is a sexy Dom with kickass tattoos and can use a whip like a pro. He literally can whip off shirt buttons with out even touching the skin. The only thing I did not like was when he used the word “Slut” while doing a scene. I am hoping this is a series because I am curious about Caleb and what woman can bring him to his knees. He seems like a Dom that likes it raw and rough. Since we only get to see him during a sex scene and he was a very blunt dirty talker. I am curious if he would caress his lover, nibble her bottom lip when kissing her and nip at her ear while saying naughty things to her.

This was my second novel by Julia Devlin and will not be my last. I loved the first book I read by her, The Burn List and gave it 5 stars. I really wanted to give this one 5 stars, but  I think the scene in the club was a little too long and wish another scene could of been added. You do feel their chemistry together and good background how they have been friends but I wanted more time of them together with their relationship then just one night in a sex club, the alley and the epilogue. I also did not care for the usage of the word “Slut” during their steamy moments. I do love reading BDSM books but love them more when they are well written. I will continue to read her books, she is a talented erotic writer with yummy heroes and sexy scenes.

If you do not mind a quick read with all kinds of dirty talking then I would recommend this novel. If you have never read any of Julia Delvin books before I would start with The Burn List. It is 105 pages and a excellent read.


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