Thursday, July 19, 2012

Secretly Crushing On... #11

Hello Lovelies. Secretly Crushing On  is a weekly feature that is held on Thursdays, hosted by me from  Wickedly Delicious Book Blog.  This is a blog hop geared towards book lovers preferably ages 18+ with the objective to find and visit other blogs that share the same interest as you... a love for Sexy Reads with  a Hot Hero you are Secretly Crushing On. It can be an old book or new read.  

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Who are you Secretly Crushing On?

My Pick
Simon Says (SBC Fighters #2)
by Lori Foster


With his perfectly chiseled, lava-hot body, Simon Evans, an ex-fighter, also has a perfect life—great job, great girl, and more than enough dough. All that changes, though, when he catches his girlfriend cheating. To shake things up, Simon goes full force back into the ring, ready to take his rage out on his opponents.

To make matters worse, the father who walked out on Simon and his mom eons ago wants to be back in the picture. He's hired his stepdaughter, Dakota, to find Simon. Hot on Simon's heels, the gutsy Dakota puts love on the back burner. But when attempts are made on her life, Simon steps in to protect her, putting both of their hearts on the line.




This week I am secretly crushing on Simon from Simon Says (SBC Fighters #2). Awesome series, a must read for all type of fans and Lori Foster fans.

He is so sweet for not prying on her issues.
Dakota squeezed her eyes shut, then slowly opened them. "Simon?"

"Yeah, honey."

"I have a little problem."

He'd figured out that much. "I know." He offered up a small smile of encouragement. "Wanna tell me what it is?"

He is a sexy lover:
Simon felt the muscles in her thighs contract. Slowly so slowly that it made him a little wild, too, he slipped his fingers into her panties. This time he wasn't content just to touch her. He explored,  parting her, sliding over her swollen lips, dipping his middle finger barely into her, then pressing in further.

"Oh, God."

Near her ear. Simon whispered, "You feel so good. Hot and slick." Making himself hot, he added in a growl, "I wish I could taste you."


  1. I have got to start doing these again!!! Simon *sighs* I love him and Dakota!!! This is such a great book!!! :)

    1. I loved this series. Wish there were more. Never get tire of those Sexy SBC fighters. They are Yummy. I really need to get this out sooner. Thanks for stopping by my SCO. Have a great weekend.


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