Friday, July 13, 2012

Wicked Teaser: A Whole New Light

A Whole New Light  Sexy Teaser

I did like A Whole new Light. The sex scenes and Dirty Talking were HOT!!! The only thing I did not enjoy was  that Ethan twice used Slut during his dirty talking moments.

"Mmmm... I love how you're such a dirty little slut."

I love all kinds of talking dirty, but I do not know for some reason that phrase and the other one just did not do it for me. Maybe I am just used to different BDSM books like Masters of the Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair.

How about you? How far of dirty talking do you like?


Hopefully I will have a review for A Wole New Light by Monday.

A Whole New Light
by Julia Devlin
E-book 69 pages


18 & Over Teaser:
"Before we leave this room, you're going to open those legs for me, and I'm going to slip my fingers inside your panties."

Her pulse kicked up under his lips. "I will not."

"Oh yes you will." He squeezed his fingers around her thigh to emphasize his point. "You're going to be wet. And I'm going to play with your pussy until you're moaning."


  1. know that I am a HUGE fan of the "Dirty-Talker" in all forms!!! ;)

  2. I love dirty talk but I do take exception to the use of "slut" or "bitch" in there. I guess because it demeans the woman in my eyes and cheapens what is supposed to be hot, steamy and sexy. I'm trying to think of my favorite "sexy talk" book but I can't remember which one it was.

    I'm still picky about my erotic romance, BDSM isn't my thing at the moment but I do like my erotic stories. Hot and steamy, the hotter and steamier the better!


    1. Oh sweetheart you have to remember. I would love to know what it is.


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