Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lusting For Covers: #141 Shadow Of Sin by Parker Kincade

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Shadow of Sin (The Martin Family, #2)
by Parker Kincade
Release Date: November 6, 2013
Sorry no blurb yet.
Huge fan of Parker Kincade and The Martin Family series. The Martin Brothers are yummy alpha males and look forward to seeing what Parker has in store for her fans with Caleb Martin the older brother in Shadow Of Sin. I was excited when I seen Shadow of Sin cover and more excited it comes out in November. Can not wait to read the blurb. I hope the heroine is Samantha. OMG fell in love with them in One Night Stand (The Martin Family #1). Caleb was not only over protective of his younger sister Amanda but also her best friend Samantha.  Love his cover.


  1. WD---I almost picked this one, lol. I love his hands....and the wife beater shirt? UNGH--delish.
    Hope you have a great week. Here is my L4C:

    1. Oh I love it when any of us LFC gals almost list the same cover. I wish we were all neighbors. His hands look smooth but manly.

  2. Wow! :) I need to stop popping over here, WD, you keep making my TBR list explode with yummy alpha males! LOL.


  3. The shirt is a nice contrast against his skin. Makes you want to lick him. Hmmm. I'm sorry. Zoned out there for a second.

  4. Thank you so much! I love this cover too! ;-) Blurb to come...

    1. Parker it is a treat when you stop by my blog. Look forward to the blurb.

  5. I thought I didn't know the series but I recognized the cover of the first opus ! Love the cover, it's promising all kinds of things ;)


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