Friday, June 29, 2012

Wicked Teaser: Too Much Temptation

Got a yummy teaser today. Love Lori Foster Brava Brothers Series.  Ben from book 2 is my favorite but Noah is sexy too.

Nothing is as good as having a  sexy breakfast before you start out your day. Yummy!!! Enjoy!

Too Much Temptation (Brava Borthers Series #1)
by Lori Foster


Virginal and voluptuous, Grace Jenkins has secretly loved and lusted after handsome Noah Harper for three years but he was engaged and, therefore, off-limits. Then Noah walks in on his bride-to-be with another man and abruptly breaks off the engagement, refusing to explain the reason for the canceled wedding to his family. His grandmother and his fiancée's family are outraged. Grace rushes to defend him and is stunned when Noah responds by taking her straight to bed. She thinks this is only mutual lust and decides to enjoy the excitement for as long as it lasts while Noah quickly discovers that what he feels for Grace is much more complicated than simple lust. But convincing Grace is another matter entirely--she refuses to see herself as a permanent part of his life. Meanwhile, Noah's ex-fiancée is stirring up trouble with his autocratic grandmother and before she's done, Noah will have to reevaluate his relationship with his grandmother, Grace will have a whole new self-image, and both will face major upheaval in their careers and personal lives.


"Up on the table, Grace." He didn't wait for her to comply. He hefted her up onto the edge of the tabletop so that she sat facing him while he remained in the chair. "Open your legs wide. Here brace yourself with your hands behind you and put your feet next to my shoulders, on the back of the chair."

He positioned her just as he wanted her, her thighs alongside his shoulders, leaving her open to him.  His heart rapped hard as he gently eased her back on her elbows for better balance. He literally sat between her widespread thighs. She was a feast, laid out for him and his voracious appetite.

"I want you to watch me, Grace," he told her when he noticed she stared up at the ceiling. "Keep those big eyes of yours on my face. Or," he added as he brushed his fingers through her curls, "on my hands where I touch you."

Nodding, she whispered, "Okay."

Noah smiled. He used the fingertips of both hands to carefully part her outer lips. "Look at how pink you are, Grace." He felt her slight flinch and glanced at her face with concern. "Are you sore?"

She spoke on a nearly silent breath of  sound. "No."

As Noah moved his fingers carefully over her, pulling her farther open, examining her up close, her whole body shuddered.

"Then this doesn't hurt? He worked his first and middle fingers deep into her.

She gasped and her head fell back.

"Look, Grace."

Her throat moved as she swallowed, but she brought her attention back to his hands.

He continued to stroke, long and easy and deep. The sight of his dark, rough fingers pushing into her was erotic. "You look so tender, I don't want to hurt you."

"You''re not hurting me," Grace rasped.

Noah watched her clitoris swell but he didn't touch her there, not yet. She was already wet, her whole body flushed, her thighs shivering. This close she smelled like the soap and lotion she'd used after her bath.

She also smelled of womanly excitement.

Noah took her by suprise, saying, "Which feels better, Grace? My fingers-or my tongue?"

And he bent to lick her.


  1. Hey you,
    I love Lori Foster but I have not read this series from her. I will have to make sure it is in my TBR pile--I think you might have told me about this series before. Thanks for sharing--I'm all hot now!! LOL :)

  2. I love this series. But I still have to read I'm Your Santa (Brava Brothers #3).


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