Friday, June 29, 2012

Cover Revealed: Reflected In You

Happy Friday Lovelies! Okay am I the only one who has not read this series yet?

Have to give  big THANK YOU to Neyra at Darkest Addictions for posting that Deeper Into You has been changed to Reflected In You. Checked Sylvia Day web and this is the 3rd time it has changed (previously titled Deeper in You and Deeper into You). As of this morning it was Deeper Into you (Amazon still has that name, but goodreads has changed it to Reflected In You)

Found on Sylvia Web the reason for the name change.

  • What happened to Deeper in You?

  • "Deeper in You was the original title of Reflected in You, but it was changed because some merchants felt the title was too suggestive and they hesitated to put the book out for their customers. The publisher didn’t want to risk the book not being available in some stores, so the title was changed."

    Also we will not get a sexy couple on the cover.

  • Didn’t Bared to You have a different cover with a couple on it? What happened to that one?
    "The blue cover with a naked woman being embraced by a man was one I commissioned for the self-published edition of the story. When Berkley acquired the rights to publish the book, they chose to use a new cover that was less provocative and therefore easier to place with retailers."

  • I feel like they are trying to market it like the Fifty Shades Trilogy.  I personally do not care I will still read Bare To You and give it a try. As I only read the first book in the Fifty Shades trilogy.

    Reflected In You (Crossfire series #2)


    1. Oh you're welcome >.< Lol! I really did like Deep in You better though :( I wouldn't have cared what other would have though of that title, I would still have bought it and flaunted it happily and with a ton of pride. Walking out of B&N feeling like I won the lottery! xD I just hope they don't change it again -____- Lol! I hope you have a great weekend! :D


      1. LOl!! I would love to see you walking out of B&N with a huge smile on your face, flaunting your Deeper Into you Book. Thanks again for the heads up on name change and stopping by. Hope you are having a great weekend.


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