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Secretly Crushing On.. #8

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My secret crush:

Breaking Free (Masters of the Shadowlands #3)
by Cherise Sinclair
Purchase Link: Amazon


Beth must yield to become aroused, but she's too scared to give up control. The last thing she wants is a ruthless, powerful Dom. But that's just what she gets, and exactly what she needs...

A sadistic husband left Beth scarred, inside and out. Only at the Shadowlands BDSM club does she feel like a woman. But her fears limit her to Doms who won't overwhelm her—the very ones who cannot arouse her. The Master of the Shadowlands gives her an ultimatum: accept the Dom he assigns or lose her membership. The last thing Beth wants is a ruthless, powerful Dom, but that's just what she gets.

Asked to take on a problem sub, Nolan sees the issue immediately—although truly submissive, the little redhead is too scared to relinquish control and her Doms have let her get away with it. That will change right now.

As Master Nolan takes Beth under command, compelling her submission, she's terrified, but the experienced Dom brings her pleasure, not pain. His only demand is that she never lie to him. Under his capable hands, her body comes alive, and she begins to heal. As he pushes her limits, she learns to trust...and then to love. And she realizes he is beginning to care for her in return.

But now her cruel husband has found her, and Master Nolan discovers she's been lying and lying and lying...

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and elements (including/not limited to bondage, caning, domination, restraint, paddling, spanking, submission, tethering); exhibitionism, ménage, violence.

Nolan is sweet, loving and knows what a woman wants in bed.  He is also a gentleman who holds out chairs for her. I adore how he is always kissing Beth on the lips.

"Hand me my toy bag, would you, Cullen?

The bartender pulled a black bag from the shelves under ther bar. "Sure you wouldn't rather stay here? She sure is a pretty decoration."

"I have a feeling she'll be back someday." After slinging the bag over his right shoulder, sir plucked Beth off the bar and threw her over his other shoulder. She let out a startled yip, appalled to find herself head down, secured by his hands on her bare thighs.

He has a sense of humor:
"Oh, God," she whispered. her mind had gone out of focus. Her heart beat so forcefully it should have knocked him off her.

He chuckled. "No need to go that far. 'Oh Master' will do." 

He is playful:
He moved her away from her truck, pushed her in front of him, and swatted her trim little ass to keep her moving. "Good. My truck is over there."

He is a delicious lover:
"Well"-cupping her face between his hands, he kissed her lightly-"that is just the look I've been wanting to see." He kissed her again then said, "Lie back now."

When she did, he gripped her hips and pulled her to the edge of the pool so her legs dangled down on each side of him, her feet spashing in the cool water. Her buttocks were right on the edge.


  1. Hey you,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this series!!! Great Choice!!! My fave is definitely Marcus!! :) Can't wait to see who the next book is about!!! :)

    1. I have a feeling I will be crushing on all these sexy Doms by the time I am done with this series. They just get better and yummier. I can not wait to read about Marcus. Thanks for stopping by my SCO. Have a nice day.

  2. Hmmm, this looks like a great read, I'm going to have to check it out. Hope you're doing well!

    1. Hi sweetie. Thanks for stopping by. Missing you girl. I am doing good thank you.


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