Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wicked Cover: True Lies by Jaci Burton

WOW!! This cover is Wickedly Delicious!!

Hello Lovelies! My name is JoLee and I am a Book-A-Holic. Ha..ha.. I just had to buy True Lies..really it was only  $1.49. I told myself I would not buy no more books this week but I could not help myself. The freakin cover is hot, it  sounds interesting and it is by Jaci Burton.
Bonus it is an erotic novella.

True Lies
by Jaci Burton
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Mia Logan is a hypnotist with futuristic Earth's Alien Crime Enforcement Unit. Her specialty—hypnotizing suspects into confessing their crimes. Ric is a M'Loran who hunts down alien criminals. Ric and Mia are hot on the trail of the notorious Vad, a ruthless killer who has escaped his Earth prison.

While hunting for Vad, Mia gives in to her secret desire for Ric and challenges that she can hypnotize him. Her ulterior motive - having the sexy M'Loran under her control.

Ric knows he can't be hypnotized and lets Mia believe he's under her control. He's completely mesmerized by Mia without benefit of hypnosis and caters to every one of her sexual desires.

As their feelings escalate, so does their guilt about the lies they've told. The truth catches up to them at the same time they find Vad. They must fight to capture and subdue Vad, and face the truth about their feelings for each other.

OMG it looks like he is about to give a strip dance..Hmm maybe he will be stripping in my dreams tonight.  Really I only had one glass of wine..maybe two.. OK really maybe three. 

Sweetie's are you  **Drooling** too?


  1. Oh wow! I am definitely drooling... maybe a little hot too! This cover is super sexy thank you so much for sharing this has made my day!

    1. LOL I am still drooling over this cover! Glad to make your day sweetie. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. LOL...You are so funny!!! I am also a Book A Holic -- atleast we have each other!! LOL.. The pics on your page are fogging up my glasses!!! hehehe!! ;)

    1. Just had to add a few sexy pics. Have a nice week. Thanks for stopping by.


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