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Review / Quote-tastic: Dare To Run by Jen McLaughlin

Rating: 4 Stars - Loved It
Dare To Run by Jen McLaughlin
Series: The Sons Of Steel Row #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Signet on February 2, 2016
Format: Kindle
Pages: 338
Source: Bought
The New York times bestselling author of the Out of Line Novels takes readers to Boston where one gang of criminals knows how being bad can be so good...
She knows what he’s like on Boston’s mean streets. Now she’s going to find out if he’s got some heart.

Lucas Donahue is not ashamed of his criminal past, but after a brief stint in prison, he’s ready to go legit and live a normal life. The problem is, no one leaves the gang without permission—even if he is one of the boss’s top men. Plus someone’s placed a hit on him. And then there’s that feisty little bartender who’s going to cause him even more trouble.

Heidi Greene knows to keep her distance from a ladies’ man like Lucas—even if she can’t keep her eyes off him. When he rescues her from an attack in the alley outside her bar, she’s forced to stay by his side for safety. But the longer she spends time with him, the greater her chances are for getting hurt in more ways than one.
Thoughts:  I had so much fun reading Lucas and Heidi as a couple. They are forced in a fake relationship after he rescues her from an attack from a rival gang. The banter was fun between them. The sexual tension was great. They had the best chemistry that Lucas sees but Heidi does not want to admit it. This leads to some push and pull with the them. Heidi wants to sleep with him and Lucas will not until she admits they have good chemistry.

I enjoyed their characters as individuals. Both are strong-willed characters but at the same time know when to give in. I fell hard for Lucas. He is a true alpha male I just love to read about. The kind that is protective but at the same time is sweet, caring, not all talk and knows when he is wrong and can admit it. Heidi was fun, sassy and a smartass. I enjoyed her more because she likes him for all his flaws and is not ashamed of him.

Written in 1st dual POV that is not repetitive. I loved being in both the main characters heads. Few surprises that I did not see coming with the plot.

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Had a little giggle  moment with this scene. They are on a fake date at a baseball game. She hates baseball, crowds and dates. She was not a fan of going and was in a pouting mood before they left.
Fine. I think this is stupid. Why are we even bothering with the act? No one believes it. Going to watch a bunch of grown men in tight pants playing with their tiny balls isn’t going to make anyone feel differently, let alone those guys.”


  1. I love that quote! Funny. Did you find yourself laughing? Tight pants and tiny balls. LOL. I can't stop. Oh what a great review. I also love alpha males that are caring, protective and know when they are wrong. This books sounds really good. I think I might have to pick it up. Just for the quote alone!


    1. This couple had me smiling through out the book. Yes I did laugh at this quote. I get so excitied when I find an alpha male hero that is caring, protective and admits when he is wrong.

  2. Boom--added it on Goodreads! I like that they both have strong personalities. It means they have to learn how to give and compromise!

    Do You Dog-ear?

    1. These two do comproise through out thier story and loved it. It just made them seem so real.

    2. I love realistic characters! They're the best! I feel like I'm able to relate more.

    3. Hi Lindsi. I agree I relate more when reailty pops of the pages.

  3. LOL, on the quote. I loved this series. Great pick!

  4. I really enjoyed this series, so I am glad to see you starting it. Great quote!

  5. ooh....fake relationship?? Let me have it hehe I love this trope so much and been meaning to read this one.

  6. Hilarious quote! This author has been on my radar for a while, but I have never read anything from her.

  7. LOL okay I will have to go back to this one. I had it at time of release but was just not in the mood for this genre so put it aside. Sounds so good now, though!

    1. At first for me I was liking it in the beginning but for it being in dual 1st pov I was not getting wowed by it. Then as the story flowed and was in both characters head I was loving it and getting their pov.


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