Monday, February 5, 2018

Review: Moonlight Sins by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Rating: 3 Stars - Liked It
Moonlight Sins by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: de Vincent #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Avon on January 30, 2018
Format: Kindle
Pages: 405
Source: Bought
New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout delivers the unforgettable story of a woman whose new life has just begun—but may end in murder...

Julia Hughes has always played it safe until she learned a very painful lesson. Now Julia’s starting over with a job in the Louisiana bayou—and a scorching encounter with a stranger, only to discover he’s Lucian de Vincent... her new employer. The de Vincent brothers share a massive fortune and a dark reputation. Julia cares for their troubled sister, but a menacing presence in the mansion—and the ever-present temptation of Lucian—prove dangerously distracting.

Lucian’s grandmother claimed de Vincent men fall in love once—and hard. Apparently, it’s Lucian’s turn. Julia’s compassionate care of his twin makes Lucian want to lay himself bare. But some secrets are better for Julia not to know.

The recent “suicide” of Lucian’s father is the latest in a string of deaths on the estate. Someone is eliminating the de Vincents. And the best way to get to Lucian may be through Julia...

Thoughts: The beginning was amazing with the mystery of Lucian sister. Loved how Julia and  Lucian met and once she was brought to the mansion. Lucian was cute flirting with Julia. The banter and bickering with the brothers were so much fun. Not a normal family and they all had their own voice and personality.
The beginning had a good balance of mystery, start of a romance and getting to know the family. But somewhere a long the way the romance took over and I was missing the mystery and more of the brothers. As I was connecting and enjoying the couple in the beginning I started getting bored with them and lost that connection.
The plot started picking up more the last 15 % of the novel that really came out of no where with a huge twist that was eye rolling, over the top unrealistic. I had my own scenarios going on in my head through out that I was not even close. I did love that it was unpredictable and I really thought one scene was going to go into a whole new direction with Lucian, Gabe and Julia. Thank goodness it did not but felt that scene was out of place and was not sure of the reason for even being in the book.
I love Jennifer L. Armentrout  YA Paranormal Romance  Novels and NA novels writing as J. Lynn. She is amazing writer as she was the only author to date to get me to read a YA suspense Don't Look Back and it was amazing 5 stars. It was full of twist, unpredictable,  nicely layered through out and the ending was perfect. This is my 3rd adult book I have read from her and was not a hit with me with the couple.



  1. I have not tried her contemporaries. Like you, I read her YA paranormal. Glad to see this picked up at the end.

    1. I am thinking I prefer her YA paranormal then her Adult contemporary.

  2. I have this on my list to read. The author is new to me so I am not sure what to expect, but the story looks good. Glad to know it picked up in the end.

    1. Nadene I hope you get around to reading this book. It has many great reviews and everyone does have different taste in what they like in their reads. She is amazing author just her adults for their reasons are not working with me like I wish they would.

  3. I really enjoyed your review - your eye roll - had me laughing.

    I literally had to google this author. I could not for the life of me remember who she was...It has been so long - I have gotten away from reading for sport after nursing school. So (if you check goodreads) you will see I had not been reading a lot of books yearly altho I have read of course.

    Anyway, (sorry to be long winded) I have read some of her Lux series and thought she was great. I would like to check out a adult contemporary by her just to see if I like it.


    1. I love the Lux series. I am bad still need to read the last book. I would for sure try out her adult books. I prefer her young adult and new adult. But that is just me.

  4. aww...I am sorry to hear that this book didn't work out for you. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit but that moment between Gabe, Lucian and Julia was a bit awkward. I feel like this book is one that not everyone has loved even though I did love it, there are mixed thoughts on this one. But I do love her NA series, but haven't read her YA.

    Great review darling.

    1. Almost all Goodreads friends and people I followed love it too. Weird I loved her new adult and can connect with characters. Really not fair to compare as only read 1 na contemporary and 3 adult. But I loved the na I did read. Who knows maybe I will pick up book 2 when comes out and love it.


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