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Lusting For Covers / SALE: #124 Cade by Liliana Hart

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Sale!!!  $3.99 $0.99

Hello Lovelies. Cade is on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, AReBooks and Kobo. If have it on your wish list, now would be the time to get your copy, deal ends 5/19/13. If never heard of Cade well what are you waiting for, grab your copy as you are missing out on a good Erotic Romance.

Cade got a new cover. Love it! Huge fan of The Mackenzie Brothers series. If interested in what I thought check out my review. 4 stars loved it with a sexy alpha male hero and kick butt heroine.


Cade (The MacKenzie Brothers #6)
by Liliana Hart
Blurb by Goodreads
Cade MacKenzie is prepared to give his life to destroy the cartel that killed his lover, but the only way to draw them out is to present them with the perfect bait.

Bayleigh Scott has no idea who her new neighbor is, only that her body is drawn to him in ways she can’t explain, and the danger that surrounds him isn’t the deterrent she knows it should be.

More than fireworks explode between Cade and Bayleigh when she discovers why he relentlessly pursued her, but by then it’s too late, because she’s already been drawn into a deadly game of desire, deception and revenge.
Still thinking about getting Cade? Maybe these teasers will help.
Sexy Teaser with a dirty talking hero
"Cade," she panted, shaking her head as his fingers pressed into the tight passage.
"You're hungry for me here." he whispered, gathering more moisture from her pussy and bringing it back to her rear passage, this time pushing two fingers inside her. "You're  squeezing my fingers as if you don't want to let  me go. You'll do the same to my cock, tightening around it as I fuck you with long strokes."
Smartass heroine
"You don't really mean that about having everyone leave you alone," she said sweetly. "you seem like such a friendly guy. "I'll make sure to mention how great you are to everyone the next couple of days. Before you know it, the whole street will be knocking on your door and introducing themselves. It won't be a month before you're hosting the neighborhood barbecue. You'll also be picking up prescriptions, mowing lawns, and eating macaroni salad with every meal so you won't hurt their feelings." She batted her eyelashes at him as he seemed to pale before her eyes. "Welcome to the neighborhood."


  1. Great cover! :) And those teasers--wow! I'm soo tempted to grab this one up!


  2. WD---**bats eyes** "Well, helllllooo Cade** **using sultry voice, lol**
    Thanks for the cover porn AND snippets. Going to get my copy NOW.

  3. Wow, dirty talking hero indeed ! It's already on my to-read list ;)

  4. Oh yeah, done ! Thanks for the tip ;)

    1. Sweetie I hope you love it as much as I did. I look forward to see what you think. Let me know when ever you get around to reading it. I am slowly working my way through this series.

  5. I started it yesterday and finished it this morning ! It was hard to put it aside even for something as useful as sleeping lol. My god, was it hot ! So I'm starting Dane right now. Thank you for the discovery ;)

    1. I am so excited you liked it. Look forward to your review. Jealous you are reading Dane. I also have it but have yet to read it.


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