Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lusting For Covers: #125 Spring Training by Parker Kincade

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Spring Training (Game On #1)
by Parker Kincade
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Blurb by Goodreads
For baseball superstar Garrett Donovan, his contract with the New York Empire baseball team meant he’d finally have the means to secure a future for his family. He should focus on that…not on the sassy, beautiful Jessa Montgomery — or what she looks like naked. Getting involved with the daughter of the Empire’s owner would be career suicide. Jessa is a distraction he can’t afford.

Her father had warned her never to get involved with his athletes, so his request that she keep an eye on his new star player came straight out of left field. The last thing Jessa needs is another spoiled, egotistical ball player to deal with. But Garrett is none of those things. His no-nonsense attitude and smooth Southern charm make her blood burn and her knees weak. Giving into temptation, she is consumed by the pleasure she finds in Garrett’s arms.

Jessa wants to protect his career. Garrett won’t let anything get in the way of their passion.

A passion that could cost him everything.
Loving the shirtless hero blended in with the baseball stadium. I instantly became a fan of Parker Kincade's beautiful writing voice, amazing story telling, sexy alpha male heroes who are yummy in the bedroom in her debut novel One Night Stand (Martin Family #1) which is 5 stars. Excited she has a new series  out Spring Training (Game On #1). Yay baby already got my copy! 

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  1. Already added this to my wishlist at goodreads!!! I just love a sexy hero that makes me want to lick him all over. :) Great pick.

    1. He looks like he just got out of shower. I would like to lick him too.

  2. How is it I keep missing all these great covers?! :D I definitely need to add Kincade's books to my list now.


  3. Adding Spring training to my list, I noticed One night stand was already on it ;) Thanks for sharing !

    1. Stop by in a few days and enter to win a e-book copy of One Night D=Stand from amazon or barnes and noble.

  4. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Always have a smile on my face when you.


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