Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lusting For Covers: #126 Shadowed by Rebecca Zanetti

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Shadowed (Dark Protectors #6)
by Rebecca Zanetti
Release Date: October 3, 2013
Blurb by Goodreads
Jase Kayrs was the fun brother. The warm, charming, easy-going brother of the vampire leaders. Until he was taken and tortured by demons with their evil mind tricks for nearly five years. Upon his return, he’s dark, violent, and not the man they all thought they knew. Not the man he once was. He’s haunted that the only reason the demons would have let him live was to use him as a weapon against his family—but he can’t figure out when or how he’ll explode. Plus, once again the demons are after Jase with a vengeance…or rather, a female demon he rejected is out to destroy him.

Then the king asks Jase for a favor…a big one. To mate with one of their allies in order to save her. She’s everything that’s good and light in the world…while he’s at home with darkness. Yet he agrees…knowing mating may be the only chance to save them both.
You all know I am a huge Rebecca Zanetti fan and loving Dark Protector series. Loving Jase's cover for Shadowed. Her covers are sexy with a shirtless hero and loving the purple. Bummed it does not come out till October but no worries at least I have her other new novels Under the Covers (Maverick Montana #2),  Forgotten Sins (Sins Brothers #1) to read and get my Zanetti fix for a few months.


  1. WD~ I seriously need to catch up with this series. I am so far behind, read only book one.

    Here is my L4C:

    1. OMG they get better and better with each novel. I hope you do plan on catching up with this series.

  2. I have read the first one and really liked it, I really need to catch up, and this cover is GORGEOUS!!! I do love the mix of colors too! Great pick!

    1. You really need to catch up with this series. Getting better and better with each novel.

  3. Yep, I'm with Renee here, this is a gorgeous cover! :) I've not read any books from this author, but I *must* change that!


  4. Very nice cover, very nice model ! I'll have to catch with this author, I haven't read it yet but I'll make it ;)


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