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Review: I Was Here - Before You Came by Camelia Miron Skiba

I Was Here--Before You Came (Dacian Legends, #1)
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Blurb by goodreads
Legend has it … centuries after Spartacus another hero is born—Ilias, the bastard son of King Decebalus. Thirsty for revenge and eager to unshackle the Roman oppression, Ilias' obsession to fulfill his oath has no bounds, even if that means kidnapping Nerva, the beloved daughter of Emperor Traianus. What he doesn't know is his own heart threatens to betray his conscience. What will prevail: his mind or his heart?



I am a huge Spartacus TV show fan and love the Roman Times but yet to find a novel with this genre that catches my attention until I was here-before you came (Dacian Legends, #1) by Camelia Miron Skiba. She is truly a master story teller with a beautiful writing voice.
That’s what I live for, the only reason I survived.
I will not rest. I will not give up. For ten years I built an army, my army to take back my land, reclaim my birthright to the Dacian Kingdom as the only survivor of King Decebalus. I’ve learned, trained, fed my hate, waiting for the right moment to strike.
The moment has come.
I was here-before you came is Ilias story on how he wants vengeance to take back his land that was rightfully his. I loved how it is in his POV. His POV fit perfect with this genre and it is his story. For a small novella, the descriptions are well done with kick butt action scenes, scenery and all inner actions with the characters, I felt like I was there in this amazing world Camelia Miron Skiba has built. I would love to see this come on TV as I found my self feeling like I was watching an episode. I loved that Ilias was not sure if he was taking the right course of action with kidnapping Nerva.
I loved Nerva strong will, feisty character. Loved her more when she had no problem going head to head with Ilias and letting him know how she felt about him kidnapping her. She is not your damsel in distress heroine, she can hold her own.
Ilias story is a keeper for me to re-read over and over again. If you are a huge Spartacus fan or love the Roman Times I recommend Ilias story. Even if not into this genre and looking for a beautiful written quick novel, I would still highly recommend. Camelia has a new fan and I look forward to checking out more of her novels.
The ending for sure left me wanting more. I look forward to seeing how Dacian Legends series plays out and what Camelia has in store for her fans with Zyraxes story next in Born In Sin (Dacian Legends, #2).


  1. I do love a good story set in the roman era. Its not too common, I will have to put this on my wishlist. Nice review!

    1. Yes I agree The Roman Era Novels are not too common.

  2. There's a tune in my head right now and I hope you can hear it. "I'm so happy, oh, so happy," that's how it rhymes. I can't thank you enough for the compliments and review, WD!!! I too would love to see this made into a TV series. I promise, if that will ever happen, you'll have front row tickets at the premiere so you can cheer on Ilias and the gang.

    1. Camelia I love it when you stop by my blog. I always have a huge smile on my face and doing my own happy dance. I love the Vengeance quote. Every time I read it I picture a sexy warrior talking in opening credits for a TV show. Love ya! Do not forget I get first dibs on meeting Ilias and the gang.


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