Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: Seduction Of The Billionaire Playboy Actor by Marquita Valentine

I posted all links that have Seduction Of The Billionaire Playboy Actor FREE. Do not know how long it will last. If interested grab your copy.

Seduction Of The Billionaire Playboy Actor (Holland Springs #.5)
by Marquita Valentine
E-book 43 pages
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Blurb by Goodreads
In order to get the attention of Christian Romanov, Hollywood's latest British import and newest bad boy, Zoe Ambrose disguises herself at a masked ball as a woman named Amber.

She has seduction on her mind and Christian is the target.

Christian Romanov, heir to a mineral and oil conglomerate, has chosen acting as his latest insult to his uptight family. Despite excelling at his new profession, it doesn't fill the void in his soul. Then he meets the mysterious Amber at a masked ball and his world is flipped upside down.

I have to give big Thank You over at TBQ’s Book Palace for having this series on her Lusting For Covers Meme. This book was listed Free and I downloaded and read ASAP. As for the novel it is a Prequel to Twice Tempted (Holland Springs) with Christian who to others goes by Ian and Zoe who used the name Amber under disguise and how they met. I enjoyed their first meeting and their one night of steamy...Have-to-take-a-cold-shower-after sex. Wow Christian knows how to play in the bedroom. I loved how he was able to wake up and knew where he was, what he did that night and not hung over from drugs. I did enjoy the writing style but while coming to the end I was a little confused. I understand this is a prequel and really it depends on you if would want to read it before or after. I was fine reading it before but I had already read the synopsis for Twice Tempted and it say’s that he “left her stranded that night”. So when I got to the end it did not play out that way. He was getting dressed up and is ready to buy her flowers, jewelry etc. for their lunch date. He seemed to be head over heals fallen for her. I had to go back to reread because I felt I must of missed something but nope. I would of given it 2 stars but went with 3 stars because I enjoy the writing style and really hope that in Twice Tempted it will give me back story on when he supposedly left her.

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