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ARC Review: Burning Up by Anne Marsh

Burning Up (Smoke Jumpers #1)
by Anne Marsh
Publisher: Kensington Books
E-book 289 pages
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It takes a special kind of hero to be a smoke jumper. To take the greatest risks. To live or die in the raging heat of the moment. And it takes a special kind of woman to love him. . .
Where There's Smoke. . .

For Jack Donovan, smoke jumping is a way of life. He lives for the adrenaline rush--the thrill of flying over the burning California hills, the intensity of diving straight into the inferno, the glory of taming the forces of nature. Love is a distant ember compared to the feeling he gets fighting fires--until an emergency call from his hometown brings him face to face with the one woman he can't forget. . .

There's Fire

Lily never got over the handsome rogue who once kissed her senseless--and then left. She vowed she was done with love-'em-and-leave-'em men and small town life. Until a series of malicious fires set by a stalker has her running home to hide. Now, their summer is heating up as Jack fights to save her from the stalker's fiery threats and to convince her to give the passion between them a second chance.


Liked It

Hot Smoke Jumper Alpha Male Hero

Ever since I posted Burning Up sexy cover as my pick for Lusting For Covers Meme by TBQ’s Book Palace awhile back on my blog. I was looking forward to reading it. Even though I rate it as a 3 star-I like it. I really wanted it to be a 4 or 5 star. Now it is not a bad thing that it is 3 stars. I just had a few issues with the book but at the same time I enjoyed it.

I love how Jack is a hot Smoke Jumper Alpha Male Hero who is arrogant but is also sweet. My kind of hero I love in my novels. The sweetest moment I loved is when he asked her “Dance with me” right after he got out of the shower, he was just wearing a pair of sweatpants, t-shirt, barefoot in her living room.

Lily I adore and thought she is a strong willed heroine that does not want help with her crazy stalker issues especially from Jack and his crew.

I loved Jack and Lily as a couple but did not always feel their spark. I think I would of connected more with them as a couple and did think they could of have great chemistry together if in between there dialogue there was not a lot of inner thoughts. They do have some hot scenes together but at one time got interrupted by the stalker thoughts, then went back to what they were doing which was hot and heavy, then stopped because of a fire the stalker caused. I actually had to go back to make sure I did not miss anything.

Parts of the novel seemed to be a bit repetitive and have too many inner thoughts with the two main characters that at times slowed the book down. Plus the inner thoughts were too long in between the dialogues. Too much rehashing their time together when they were 16 and how the stalker caused the fires back when she lived in the city. I really wanted to know more about Jacks background especially since he hates being enclosed and has serious issues of this that now as an adult he prefers to sleep in the hangar out in the open.

Love the storyline and loved reading about Jack and his crew in action when came to putting out fires. Kudos to Anne Marsh for writing some awesome action scenes and a creepy stalker that made my skin crawl. Enjoyed Jacks brothers (not by blood) Rio, Evan, how they became orphans and brothers. Loved when they were together in a scene. The brotherly love they have for each other is fun with their sarcastic comments to each other. They never took away from Jack and Lily’s story just added so much to it. Towards the end was intense and could not turn my Kindle fast enough.

This is my first Anne Marsh novel and even though I did have some issues with Jack and Lily story, I do look forward to continuing this series and her other novels. Evan and Rio got my attention and hope to see more of Jack’s crew in future novels. Evan is up next in Slow Burn look forward to reading it and showing off the sexy cover on my blog.

ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review.

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  1. ooh Lovely Review...I think I am definitely going to have to put this book in my TBR sounds way good!!

    1. You have to read it. It is good. Let me know when you do. Love to read your review.


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