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Review: Colt's Choice by Patrice Michelle

Colt's Choice (Bad In Boots #3)
by Patrice Michelle
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E-book 195 pages

Elise has never really felt settled, be it in relationships or her career. Regardless of her nomadic ways, one constant has always held true--her love for horses and being outdoors. When she inherits half-ownership to a rodeo ranch, she realizes her path in life has finally been laid. Little does she expect to find her very own cowboy at the end of it. Colt Tanner might be rough-around-the-edges, but he exudes the kind of steely confidence that intrigues her. Not to mention, he looks great in a pair of chaps. Even though Colt is her partner by circumstance, Elise is determined to prove to him she's serious about helping run the ranch. If only all these thoughts about just how good they could be together would stop getting in the way.

Colt has waited half his life to fully own the Lonestar ranch. Then Elise Hamilton shows up out of the blue, claiming half-ownership. With sultry green eyes, long dark hair and kissable lips, the new part-owner of his rodeo ranch might be one of the smartest, sexiest women he'd ever laid eyes on, but Colt knows she's one-hundred percent wrong for him. Even if he could ignore the fact she's from the city, he won't allow himself to forget she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. He's learned from his father's mistakes and has no intention of repeating history. Problem is, like all temptations, the more he tells himself Elise is 'hands off', the more he wants to put his hands on.

WARNING: This book contains adult language and very steamy love scenes.

Perfect ~ Keeper

Very rare you come across a good book while just browsing for another book. Well that is what happened for me. While browsing and checking up on some other books I came across Colt’s Choice. Cover totally caught my eye, then I read the synopsis and sounded interesting, read some reviews all were 5 stars, then to my surprise fell in love with the novel.

Patrice Michelle had me hooked from the beginning with Colt’s, Texan drawl, rough voice calling Elise, “darlin’”. Colt is one bull headed sexy cowboy that has interest in Elise from their first meeting. He does want her but his mom was upper class like her, then she left his dad, brothers and him for the city. She just could not do the ranch life anymore. He is afraid of getting close to her, afraid she is going to grow bored of this life and leave for the city. But he can not keep his hands off her. Patrice does amazing work on writing a brooding hero that is not all about just thinking why he can not be with someone. He is still brooding and has issues with commitment but Elise has him torn up inside that he can not hold back. I loved seeing his sweet side especially some things he does for her that got me... “sighing”. He had a few jealous moments that I thought were adorable, might not be in your face jealous or throwing a fit but more done in a settle way. I found him to be protective but not the kind that one is in danger, more so with her getting hurt. Especially out on the farm, like fixing fences in a rain storm. I could go on and on how much I loved his character. Colt is for sure in my opinion a swoon worthy hero that got my heart pumping and stomach all tingly.

Love Elise character. Even though she comes from the city, she is strong will, not afraid to get dirty on the ranch and can hold her own, especially when it comes to doing hard ranching work and can take what ever Colt throws her way. She is not your wimpy heroine.

Colt and Elise I adore as individuals and loved them more as a couple. Their chemistry is off the charts. The sexual tension is off the wall, hot. The bar scene is my favorite part. It is a slow, toe curling moment that I for sure thought I was going to have to change my panties. They have many steamy moments that seemed to be everywhere, bar, barn, fence and a few chairs. Patrice is talented in teasing her readers.
The secondary characters were so much fun to read. Mace and Cade are Colt’s brother. Love their brotherly love they have for each other. Just got enough of them that I look forward to their story. They all have their own personality and are dealing with their mom leaving in a different way. Seeing them laughing and playing around on the ranch had me smiling and knowing that it was Elise that brought Colt to smile and enjoy life. Absolutely love all her characters they are so realistic they jump off the pages. The ending was perfect and how it ended was sweet, fun and adorable.

Even though Colt’s Choice is part of a series, it still can be read as a stand alone novel. If you have never read Patrice Michelle before, I highly recommend with Colt’s Choice. Patrice Michelle has a beautiful writing voice not to be missed. It is a all around feel good novel, I am excited to add a 5 star-perfect-keeper rating along with her other reviews. I look forward to reading more of her novels and this series and am now a huge fan.

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