Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lusting For Covers: #105 Awaken The The Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney

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My LFC Pick

Awaken The Highland Warrior (Connor Clan #1)
by Anita Clenney
"Engrossing and captivating. A true page-turner."
-Mary Wine, Acclaimed author of Highland Heat

A man from another time...
Faelan is from an ancient clan of Scottish Highland warriors, charged with shielding humanity from demonic forces. Betrayed and locked in a time vault, he has been sleeping for nearly two centuries when spunky historian Bree Kirkland inadvertently wakes him. She's more fearsome than the demon trying to kill him, and if he's not careful, she'll uncover the secrets his clan has bled and died to protect...
Could be the treasure she's been seeking all her life...
When Bree inherits an old treasure map, she discovers a warrior buried in her backyard. But the warrior isn't dead. Bree shocks Faelan with her modern dress and her boldness, and he infuriates Bree every time he tries to protect her.
With demons suddenly on the move, Bree discovers that Faelan's duty as protector is in his blood, and that her part in this fight was destined before she was born. But nothing is ever what it seems...

"An exciting, riveting read! Nothing's sexier than a timetraveling Highland warrior except one with the mission to save the world and the contemporary, courageous woman who lights his fire! A page-turner, I couldn't put the book down!"
-Terry Spear, Author of Heart of the Wolf, A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year.
This lovely cover caught my attention at Barnes and Noble yesterday. Seriously a tattooed Scottish hero....Yummy! I love the different blends with the house, archway and heroine eyes in the background. This sounds good and had more 4 and 5 star reviews. Adding it to my Must Get TBR list.


  1. *dies* I want him! I'll take verra good care of him! ;)

    I can't believe I missed this one--must add it to my list straight away!

    Thanks for sharing, hope you have a wonderful New Year!



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