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Review: Because You Are Mine Part 1 by Beth Kery

Because You Are Mine Part 1
by Beth Kery
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E-book 61 pages

It starts with that first look, when you know you have to have him…

Francesca Arno has been commissioned to create a grand centerpiece painting for the lobby of Ian Noble’s new skyscraper. It’s at a cocktail party in her honor that she first meets him—and the attraction is immediate for Francesca. It’s also bewildering. She’s not used to such a wholesale sexual response to a stranger. Enigmatic, darkly intense, with a commanding presence, Ian completely unnerves her. And she likes it.

For Ian, she’s the kind of woman he can’t resist—one that comes all too rarely: a true innocent. But he can sense in her a desire to open up, to experiment, to give herself to the fantasies of a man in control. The first kiss, the first caress, the first challenge for a woman who craves what she’s never had—a man who gets what he wants.


O...M...G... I do believe this is the best 2 chapters I have ever read. I took the time to go over reviews and waited a while before I bought Because you are mine. I was not sure how I was going to like reading and buying a book by a few chapters at a time. I am so happy I took the chance and bought it. The first chapter was ok but the second chapter freakin’ blew me away.
This is my first read with a sexy Fencing hero. I am curious about Ian the hero, what made him so lonely and have never taken another serious relationship since his ex wife. I have read many books with a heroine and their sex toys but never read one with a hero and his sex toys. Wow... Beth Kery did a sexy job writing about Ian playing with his sex toy. I enjoyed how he is all business at the beginning and then while teaching Francesca how to fence brought out his playful side. Trust me the fencing scene is hot and fun.

“You’re leaving your octave unguarded,” he murmured. She gasped when he struck her right hip with the side of his blade with casual precision.

There is one scene that I did not see coming and that was with her painting he bought of hers. This is what I love about Beth Kery’s writing you never know what is going to happen next.

As always, Beth Kery’s writing you get beautiful descriptions of the characters, scenery and you always feel like you are right there in the book. When Ian is putting on Francesca jacket for her, I felt like he was putting it on me, moving my hair and placing it back over the jacket.

His knuckles brushed against the skin of her shoulders. She repressed a shudder when he slid his hand beneath her long hair, skimming her nape in the process. He gently drew her hair out of the jacket and smoothed it over her back.

Beth Kery is a talented author that out did herself with Because you are mine. Not a lot of authors can pull this off by selling a few chapters at a time. Beth Kery nailed it. I am officially hooked and look forward to reading more about Ian and Francesca. I highly recommend it as long as you do not mind buying a little bit at a time. I like it this way and Wish I would of read it when it first came out. That way I would of have to waited a little bit before the next one and so on. It just makes it something to look forward too.

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