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Reviews: Out Of Time & A Gift Of Time By Beth Flynn

 Double Review
Rating: 3 Stars - Liked It
Series: Nine Minutes #2
Publisher: Author
Format: Kindle
Pages: 457
Source: Bought
I am doing a double review for the last two Nine Minutes Trilogy since I read all three books back to back. These are not stand alone books so best be read in order.

Spoil Free Review
Out Of Time was a good follow up to Nine Minutes but did not blow me away. It was missing the intense, dark and gritty that I loved in Nine Minutes. Some scenes I needed the dark and rawness in it to really feel what was happening.

I am happy I do not have to question my sanity over my love for Grizz. Beth Flynn made me fall more in love with his character and Ginny. I now understand his obsession and love for Ginny as it is something fierce. How can someone not fall in love with her as she is assertive, loving and giving. I love Grunts character but I am Team Grizz.

Loved that readers got to see how all the secondary characters came into Grizz life. I grew to love most of the secondary characters from Nine Minutes but wow did Beth Flynn change that. Like Grizz I have also become over protective of Ginny. I hate one particular character and I hope they get what is coming to them especially now that someone has something important in their possession.

There were some scenes that were far fetched. I know it is only a story and is fiction but I still need some realistic in my reads except in the paranormal world. The downside to Out Of Time was there was too many twist and turns. Some made sense but some I had to question if there was any mess ups. I really wanted to look back and check but I was so engrossed in the book that I needed answers and see how everything played out. Thankfully everything that came up was answered but one thing. The last part of the book was a pager turner and full of info overload I am hoping I did not miss my answer. Hoping I get my answer in book 3.

The ending was good but once again it did not blow me away like Nine Minutes did. It is a perfect set up to book 3. Out Of Time is a pager turner that is full of secrets and betrayal. Nine Minutes Trilogy is like reading a twisted soap opera. I am still hooked and need more.  
Rating: 2 Stars - Ok
Series: Nine Minutes #3
Pages: 446 
Spoil Free Review
Nine Minute Trilogy started off amazing but with each follow up book I had issues. The book was done in 2 parts. I did like part 2 better but also had few issues with it. I will start with the good.

The good
- I thought I loved Grizz more in book 2 but he won me over in this book.
-Loved the prologue and how it is like book 1 as the actual ending. But it does not give anything away. Readers are left wondering what is really going on.
-I loved the ending and was happy how things turned out.
-One twist from book 2 had another twist to it that I felt better about. Happy Beth Flynn took that direction.
-A particular character from book 2 needed to be dealt with and was happy with that outcome.
- great job setting up future books with other characters if decide to do a spin off

The Bad
-Everyone discussed the same topics over and over again. I was bored and wanted something new.
-There was some life changing moments for a lot of the characters that were handled to easy. There could of been some intense moments if certain scenes were flesh out more.
-Scenes were done so easy to make other scenes work out. That bothered me because I somewhat new how the outcome would be.
-Some scenes I felt were never dealt with. Why throw a good scenario in there if never had an out come for it.
-I thought the 2nd book was unrealistic but wow did this book beat that. It was over the top far fetched.

Personally I think a toned down version of book 2 and 3 could of been one book. Even though I had issues with how the Nine Minutes Trilogy played out I still feel that Beth Flynn has a good writing voice and is an amazing story teller. After all she made me fall in love with a story and characters I thought I would never would.


  1. Sorry to hear these didn't meet up with expectations. I do love those authors that really reel you in and give you surprises.

  2. Oh that's disappointing when one is so strong and then that tapers off. Glad you found some good bits in them, though :)

    1. It is always a dissapointment when that happens. Yes I did find some good bits in the last two novels but the bad out weighed the good for me.


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