Sunday, February 19, 2017

Real Life: Crazy Short Wearing & Flip-Flops Kind Of Day

Happy Sunday everyone. What a gorgeous weekend we are having in my little corner of the world here in MI. Crazy it is winter and was in the mid 60's today. All our patio stuff is tucked away but hubby was able to get to our lounge chairs. It was nice, got to sit out in the sun on the front porch and relax. Well hubby had on shorts and flip-flops. Not me, ha ha I am not there yet. It was nice to get some reading done outside in my worn out jeans, comfy slippers, baseball hat and no make up.

Love quotes and teasers. Here is one from Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan.
"Text me, Francesca. I won't be happy if you forget."
"We all endeavor to make you happy," she murmured softly, and smiled innocently up at him.
Stefano is bossy and Francesca can be a tad bit sassy.
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Hope you all had a beautiful weekend.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Carrie. It is the best. Windows open and loved it.

  2. So glad you could enjoy the weather like that! And I surely hope you also had a blast with the interesting book I see in that picture ;)

    1. Thank you Silvia. Had a nice and relaxing day with a good book.

  3. oh I had a blast with Shadow Rider, I can't wait for book two to come out!!! I do love chilling outside with a book and the sun.

    1. Sitting outside and reading is my favorite.


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