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Review / Quote-Tastic / Swoon Thursday: Brutally Beautiful By Christine Zolendz

Rating: 4 Stars - Loved It
Series: Beautiful #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Author
Publication Date: January 3, 2014
Pages: 318
Format: Kindle
Source: Bought
Synopsis by Goodreads
A deadly game of hide and seek.

With blood still on her hands, Samantha Matthews is on the run, running from dark secrets and a man she prays to God will never find her. Running and hiding, just to stay alive. She had no choice but to run, to leave, to hide and forget about her life before. When Samantha believes she's gained enough distance from her past and her demons, she stops running, hoping to find her future in the heavily wooded area of the Adirondack Mountains, a place she never expected to encounter a man with secrets as dark and as sordid as hers.

Kade Grayson is hiding, not from the demons after him, but from himself and from the entire outside world, wishing every day he could have just died. Arrogant and domineering, he’s tormented and terrorized by his past, seeing nothing good for his future. With the ghosts of his past still haunting him, he has exiled himself to a life of solitude, only living for his words and through his stories.

Until her.

An undeniable attraction, turns into hate and then ultimately obsession, an obsession that grows into a powerful story of love and redemption.

Will the bond they have begun to build between them grow stronger than the tragedies that have scarred both of their lives? Or will they allow their demons to consume them?

Spoil Free Review
I read and enjoyed Christine Zolendz New Adult PNR series Mad World a while back. I knew when Brutally Beautiful was released I would be reading how she did with an adult book. She did not disappoint. Wow what a story that is twisted, a bit on the dark side, unpredictable, page-turner and original plot. Awesome characters that leaped off the pages with realism. Both characters have some serious issues from their past that made them the way they are in the present. Christine Zolendz did her research and did it well. I fell in love with both characters.
Kade the hero had me going crazy in a good way with his ups and downs. One minute he is the biggest jerk then the next he is the sweetest. This man had some serious demons inside and is really messed up in the head. Wow he can be intense and twisted. Dual POV and loved being in his head. His POV can be broody and dark at times. Loved the flashbacks that were nicely layered through out the book about his past. They are dark and on the mysterious side. Once I realized why he is the way he is  I felt sorry for him.  From one of his flashbacks I did have a idea of what happened in his past. Then Christine Zolendz with her amazing writing skills started having me second guessing my self. Oh My gosh I was anxious in what direction she was taking the plot that I could not swipe my kindle fast in enough. Well I do not want to spoil anything so that is all you all are getting out of me on it.  
Samantha has secrets from her past that she is hiding from. I feel readers did not get all of her past secrets and I am sure we will learn more in book 2. She was the perfect match for Kade. She consumes every twisted thought he has.  She is on the sassy side, definitely could hold her own with Kade and his crazy moods.

As for the steam factor. Only a few sexual tension moments that were good but nothing really too exciting. Few sex scenes that were hot but again nothing really too exciting. It did work for me as I was more engrossed what was going on with Kade.
The ending was good but nothing spectacular. No cliffhanger for those that hate them. I do want to read book 2 but it is nothing I have to read ASAP.
I wish CZ would get picked up by a top publisher. She is a great story teller and feel her books could stand out more. 
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Quote #1
Just in case you do not read my review. Kade is a big jerk at times but he also can be sweet (read my Swoon Thursday after this). He is messed up in the head big time and has some serious demons inside. Kade is drunk and being a jerk to Samantha. Ha ha loved that she could hold her own and is sassy about it.
Kade caught the condom with a quick flick of his hand. He arched his eyebrows up at me.
"It's a condom, Kade, because if you're going to act like a dick, you might as well dress like one," I explained, smiling so wide my cheeks actually hurt. Then I grabbed his jacket from the hook I hung it on last night and tossed it at him. "Thanks for the pleasant visit."
"Well, love, maybe you are one step above trailer trash," he smiled sadly.
Swoon Thursday
Swoon Thursday was a meme by YA Bound. Now with their permission it is hosted by Naomi's Reading Palace. From the book you’re currently reading, or one you just finished, tell us what made you SWOON. What got your heart pounding, your skin tingling, and your stomach fluttering
Sweet side to Kade
"Everything that stained here," I whispered, touching my hand to my heart. "It will forever be in my heart, but what I want, Sam, is to move it over a little so I can fit you in there too."


  1. Okay, I might have to start carrying a condom just so I can use that line about acting like a dick. That is priceless!


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