Monday, December 1, 2014

Quote-Tastic: There Is No Light In Darkness by Claire Contreras

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How about a little bit of phone-sex from the delicious Cole to start your Monday off right.

"Cole," I moan. "We shouldn't do this. This is wrong."
"It's not wrong. It's you and me baby," he whispers. "Touch yourself. Please. Close your eyes and picture me looking down at you." And I do. I picture his hooded green eyes looking at me as he positions his body over mine. "I'm cupping your breasts with my hands and flicking your nipples with my thumbs as I lick the shell of your ear. I'm nibbling your earlobe the way you like." His words make me throw my head back and let out a low moan. "I'm running my tongue down your neck to your nipples. I pull one into my mouth and nip it the way you like-"
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