Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sexy Snippets: The Outlaw by Lily Graison

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The Outlaw (Willow Creek series #2)
by Lily Graison Web
Purchase Link: Amazon

Sexy Snippet:
Lifting his head, he looked down at her. “Has anyone ever touched you like this before?” He parted her, his fingers burrowing inside her flesh to find the small bundle of nerves that seemed to control all those throbbing pulses. Sarah gasped as tingles raced through her limbs. He lowered his head again, kissing the valley between her breasts, moving lower to pepper small, playful bites and kisses on her belly, her hip. When she felt him kiss her very close to where his hand was, her eyes widened and she lifted her head to look down at him.
 He lifted her leg, threw it over his shoulder and Sarah was shocked when he buried his face between her legs. She cried out, grabbed his head and tried to push him away. “Colt! What are you…” His tongue lapped at her moist center and her eyes rolled, her head slamming back to the ground. “Oh my sweet heavens.”
Loved Colt and Sarah story. "Oh my sweet heavens" is right! Read it again and picture this in your head as they are laying in a huge haystack in the barn.  I will have my review up Wednesday.


  1. Oh, I have seen this one around. Looks like I'll be adding another book to my massive TBR pile! ;)
    Thanks for joining in SS!

    1. Crystal you have to add The Willow Creek series to your TBR pile. This is my second novel and loved it just as much as The Lawman (Willow Creek series #1)

  2. I do love a sexy western. Good choice!


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