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ARC Review: The Outlaw by Lily Graison

The Outlaw (Willow Creek series #2)
by Lily Graison Web
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E-book 160 pages
Sarah Hartford always dreamed of a grand adventure. She just never expected to find it in the arms of an outlaw.When her father’s bank is robbed, Sarah doesn’t make the gunslingers’ escape easy. Putting her own safety behind those she hopes to protect backfires when she’s kidnapped by one of the escaping men. Now her only hope for survival lies with the same arrogant man who laughed at her while staring down the barrel of her gun.

Colton Avery spent months planning the perfect heist, every detail fine tuned and executed with precise timing. Nothing could go wrong. That is until he comes face to face with a determined woman holding a shotgun. She aimed at his head and never flinched when she took a shot at him. He wanted her the moment the smoke cleared and he saw her face.

Robbing the bank, and handing over the gang of notorious outlaws to US Marshals, would be routine and boring. Sarah Hartford made it anything but. Taming the woman who stole his heart the instant he saw her was a challenge he was more than willing to take on. All he has to do now is escape the gang of outlaws he just double-crossed, hideout from an Indian raiding party and elude the town marshal who just happens to be his little hellion’s new fianc√©.

I bought and loved The Lawman (Willow Creek series #1) by Lily Graison. Too my surprise, I was beyond excited when asked if I would like to review the rest of The Willow Creek Series. Lily sweetie you made my day! After reading The Lawman which was my first read by Lily Graison, I fell in love with her writing voice and she has become one on my favorite new authors.

While I was reading The Outlaw I kept thinking to myself why is Sarah the Heroine even thinking about naughty things about Colt when he is a leader of bad guys robbing her Daddy’s bank. Well he has a little secret and had everything planned out with his bank heist until a feisty and stubborn Sarah decides to stop him with a shotgun.

The Outlaw starts off with a bang and never lets up. Sarah is a strong will woman who will do what ever it takes to stop the bank robbers even pull out a shotgun, shoot and not meaning to miss Colt the leader. Colt fell head over heals with Sarah from their first meeting with her trying to shoot him. Oh my the back and forth with Colt and Sarah right from the beginning had me smiling and giggling. And it just gets better and better through out the novel. I loved how he would call her sweetheart and it annoyed the heck out of her. Colt, baby you can call be sweetheart any day.

Colt is arrogant and does get what he always wants. He makes it very clear he wants Sarah. But Sarah does not make it easy for him. His twin brother Holden’s wife died and left him with his daughter. He saw how heartbroken Holden was after his wife’s death and never wants to go through with that. So he is perfectly fine with bedding woman. That is until he meets Sarah. She has him thinking of things he never would of thought, like her being his wife and pregnant with his child.

Their chemistry is hot right from the start. Oh my goodness the sexual tension is out of this world. I loved the lake and the barn scene with the haystack. Four words Sarah say’s “Oh my sweet heavens” Yes that about sums it up for the barn scene.
Colt’s father James has been sick for some time, does not talk much and doctors do not know what is wrong with him. My heart was sad while Colt was talking to his dad about his trip. He was going on and on like he is having a normal conversation but it is a one way conversation. Through out the book you see the feisty side of Sarah until towards the end then you start seeing a sweet and loving side especially with James.
I enjoy reading when the Avery brothers are together. They all have their own voice. Holden has definitely caught my attention and look forward to his story. But will have to wait because Tristan is next. Do not know what Tristan is like, but if he is an Avery then he has got to be a yummy hero as all the Avery brothers are turning out to be. I was extremely happy that I got to see more of Morgan and Abigail. I love how Lily Graison heroes in the Willow Creek series all have sexy names Morgan, Colt, Holden and Tristan.

Thank you Lily Graison for giving me the opportunity to read and the boost I needed to up The Willow Creek series on my TBR List. I love the world you built in the western times that I could not resist and had to buy Tempt Me Not (Wicked Series #1) to see how you do in contemporary romance.

The Outlaw can be stand alone but highly recommend just reading the series from the beginning with The Lawman. You will enjoy and appreciate Morgan, Abigail and Holden more. If you are like me and loved reading The Lawman what are you waiting for The Outlaw is just as good. My only down fall was that this is one of those books you will want to devour all in a few days, but for me, I have been working out, just so tired I was only able to read a little at a time.

ARC provided by author for an honest review

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