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Quote-Tastic / Swoon Thursday: Rough Justice by Sarah Castille

Hello. I thought I would come back to blogging with a bang. Rough Justice by Sarah Castille had a lot of goodies for me. Sexy Alpha Male ~ Dirty Talker ~ Hard Bodied Bikers that were swoon worthy and fun. Par taking in a few memes this week. Since Rough Justice hit all my likes in a book I decided to turn it into one post.

Happy Monday!
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Warning: Loved Jagger and this book so quite a bit of goodies today. Read all my quotes/teasers or choose to your liking. Will not be offended.

Fun read with good brotherhood banter. In this scene some of the bikers had to go and get info on their rival MC club from a low life drug dealer. But he was not checked out very good for weapons and the plan did not go good as he opened fire on them. Zane who is a secondary character and adore his time in the book shoots back. This is what follows.
"Fuck." Cade rubbed his brow. "Why did you have to go and shoot him? He was worth at least two hundred grand alive, and now we have no lead on the location of the Black Jack's icehouse."
"I shot him in the leg." Zane gave Cade an affronted glare. "And it's just a flesh wound. If we bandage him right, and his people pay the price, he'll live to deal drugs another day. You should be praising me for my accuracy, something you can never hope to achieve, since you shoot like a fucking girl."
"Like you need another pat on the back." Cade shot Zane a scathing look as he reached for Fuente's arm and yanking him to his feet. "Your ego is so big, I have to step around it."

Arianne (heroine) has serious issues about bikers. Leave it to my man Jagger (hero) to let her know what it means to be his. I think this might be the best Mine Moment I have ever read.
Arianne ~ "Why would you care what happened to me? That's all in the past."
Jagger bent down and touched his forehead to hers. "Because you're mine. And 'mine' means you have my protection. 'Mine' means I'll look after you. It means nothing happens you don't want to happen and no one touches you without your consent. It means your life is in my hands and I will do everything in my power to ensure you are safe and secure and your needs are met. It means something happened to you that twisted your perception so bad, you look at us and you see only them. I'll make that right. I'll give you justice. I'll give you back whatever was taken from you."
Arianne just got her butt pinched while taking drink orders from a sitting Jagger and another MC member from a different club. Now this is the kind of alpha male heroes I love in my books. 
Wham. Jagger thudded a knife on the table between the outstretched fingers of the biker's free hand. "You don't fucking touch her. You don't look at her. And you sure as fuck don't disrespect her."
"When I fuck you the first time, sweetheart," he murmured, nuzzling her neck, "we're gonna need a bed, 'cause I want to take it slow. So slow that by the time I slide my cock inside you, there won't be an inch of your body I haven't claimed. And when I make you come, you'll be so fucking wet and ready, you're gonna scream my name." He pulled away and fisted her hair, testing her response to his dominance. "I want to hear that scream, Arianne."

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  1. oh I just LOVED this book so much. Sarah Castille is a fabulous author. She does write great MC romances, and this one is my favorite. Their chemistry was awesome. Glad you shared these tidbits, made me realize how much I loved it. And welcome back to the blogging world!!

    1. Yes loved them together. Look forward to reading more in the series. Glad to be back.

  2. Bwaha I think I'd like them. And yay a hero named Cade! (my last name lol) Glad to see you back around the blogisphere!

    1. Cade is a good strong name love it. Awesome your last name. I do not see a lot o books with my name. Christine had on book. Spelled the correct way Jolie and loved.

  3. Haha! Love how big the ego is!
    And Mine is such a possessive word... I love it!

    (Thanks for joining the Swoon!)


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