Sunday, August 21, 2016

L4C / WOW: Levi's Blue by M. Leighton

Combining L4C and WOW

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I have been out of the blogging and book world for so long.  I was excited when I found out M. Leighton had a new book coming out. Thanks to Stuck In Books for the cover reveal post.  Had to use it for my L4C post this week. Love the nice tush shot in jeans. The best part for me is the hat hanging off the jeans.
Like my L4C pick this week? Love to know what your thoughts are.

Love M. Leighton writing voice, story telling, and heroes.
Are you a M. Leighton fan?
Book Info
Title: Levi's Blue
Author: M. Leighton
Release Date: September 19, 2016
Synopsis by Goodreads
Four beautiful days. Three steamy nights. One breathtaking love.

Levi Michaelson. He caught me when I fell. Literally.

He wanted four dates. Four opportunities to prove I could trust him. Four chances to change my mind about him.

I agreed.

Probably not my smartest decision. He was everything I knew to avoid—gorgeous, charming, sexy as hell—but I couldn’t help myself. When he touched me the whole world disappeared. I should’ve known I could lose myself to him, that he could be the one man to destroy me.

I guess it’s true what they say—some things are too good to be true. And Levi Michaelson might just be one of them.

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  1. what a fabulous pick on the L4C.....I just love the "only jeans" look---I do have a thing for muscled backs. He definitely wears the jeans WELL.

  2. Ohh Great pick I absolutely love seeing the backside of the model on the covers as well. Here is my #LC for the weekend.

  3. I tried one of her books this past year and couldn't get into it. I kept the book to try again to see if it was just me not being in the mood for it or something. Everyone seems to love her work. So, I need to give it another chance.

    1. I have done that many of times. Can you believe J.R Ward BDB series I did that too. I ended up loving the 1st four books amazing read for me.

  4. It's all about that back shot. :D

    I haven't read her yet. Is there one particular book you'd recommend?

    1. I only read three. And all from different series. See what series she has out and pick what catches your interest. That is what I usually do for a new to me author or see what has the highest rating.

  5. Still have to try her books, but she's on my list!
    Great pick :)

  6. Oh yes! I am DYING for Levi's Blue! I wish it would get here already!


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