Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shifter-A-Thon-Read-A-Long: What Book Next? Feb. Picks

Shifter-a-thon-Read-a-long (Goodreads)
Hello Lovelies for those who do not know TBQ's Book Palace and I, Wickedly Delicious Book Blog host the Shifter-A-Thon-Read-A-Long.
Shifter-A-Thon-Read-A-Long is a discussion group at goodreads that shifter fans can discuss their love of Shifter Romance Novels. It is all up to you if you want to join in every month or just the months the novels that catch your interest.
If interested go here
What Book Next? Feb. Picks.
Wow I can not believe it is time already to pick Feb. read.
 What shifter romance do you want to read next?
You can recommend up to 2 shifter romance books. The top 5 suggested titles will go onto the February poll, and everyone gets a vote on the final choice.
Recommend your two choices here.
Suggestions end January 24th.
Well I took a different route in the shifter reads. Decided to go with birds. That is right no cat-wolf-dragon shifters for me this month. Would like to try a different kind of shifter. Here are my two suggestions for Feb.
Curious to see what others suggested click here
Mark your Calenders!
Poll will go up Jan. 25 and continue until January 31st. February's book will be announced February 1st.
Have you read these two? What do you think of bird shifters?


  1. I think the only bird shifter I've ever read was Thea Harrison's "Storm's Heart". So I don't really have any suggestions but I look forward to reading a bird shifter novel.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

    1. Oh that is right I forgot that he was a eagle shifter. I remember I did read Touch of Darkness (Darkness Chosen #2) by Christina Dodd ages ago. The hero was a bird shifter. It has been so long since I read that series never did finish the last novel. All the siblings change into a different shifter. I guess I have read some bird shifter novels after all.

      Even if not going to suggest anything do not forget to get on goodreads between Jan 25th - Jan 31st and put in your vote.

  2. Birds are different! I've read them once but not as a main character. Rachel Vincent had Thunderbirds in her Shifter series. They were creepy as all freaking get out.

    Ooh I think Sherrilyn Kenyon did a swan shifter if I'm remembering right.

    1. Oh I am curious what Sherrilyn Kenyon had a Swan Shifter. It has been ages since I read hers.

    2. It was one of the novellas that went with the series I think. Dang if I can remember. I just remember thinking it was kinda funny and that he'd be a pansy but he was a tough one. It's been a long time since I read her too.


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