Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lusting For Covers: #112 Josh's Justice by Patrice Michelle

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My L4C Pick:

Josh's Justice (Bad In Boots #4)
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Blurb by Patrice Michelle Website
Sabrina Gentry isn’t one to take life lightly. The last thing she would ever do is cut loose, but when her boyfriend breaks up with her, claiming she’s too controlling, she decides to throw out everything she thought she knew about relationships. While on vacation visiting her friend Elise in Texas, she’s gives herself one main rule: The first man who trips your trigger, go for it! No questions, no reservations.The last thing she expected was for the one guy who tripped her trigger to make a pass at her thinking she was someone else. With her new rule in mind, Sabrina sets out to convince Josh Kelly she’s the woman he wants.
Josh Kelly couldn’t believe how much more attracted he was to his married neighbor Elise when he saw her perfectly shaped jean-clad rear from behind. When he discovers the woman he whispered a suggestive comment to wasn’t Elise, but her best friend Sabrina, he’s determined to get to know the woman who could make him lose all common sense.
When a near fatal accident brings Josh and Sabrina together, neither can deny the fierce attraction between them. But the path to love is never a smooth one, and as Sabrina and Josh uncover layers about each other that could tear their passionate relationship apart, danger still lurks, waiting to strike.
Note: Josh’s Justice was originally published as the novella titled Heart’s Afire in the Hearts are Wild anthology. Josh’s Justice has been extensively revised and expanded to novel length.
WARNING: This book contains adult language and very steamy love scenes.


I love the how the hero is standing holding his hat. Find it sexy! I read Colt's Choice (Bad In Boots #3) and gave it 5 stars!! Patrice Michelle knows how to write sexy cowboys and loveable heroines. Look forward to reading Josh's Justice very soon! Excerpt


  1. Oh yum! :D Love this cover, thanks for sharing! I've never heard of this author before, so I'm happy to add her to my list!


    1. I think you will love Patrice Michelle writing voice.


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