Monday, September 3, 2012

Delicious Washboard Abs Cover: #4 Legacy by Lori Foster

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My Pick:

Legacy (The Buckhorn Legacy)
by Lori Foster
Re-issue November 2012

"The Buckhorn Brothers: Casey"

As a teen, Emma Clark was the girl with the bad reputation-- and trying to get Casey Hudson into bed hadn't helped Not only was he the cutest guy in town, but he was also the only one who'd really seemed to care about her--so much so that the usually hot-blooded teen had resisted all her awkward advances. Now, eight years later, it's a different story--.

I have been on a kick lately with heroes wearing their shirts open, showing off their delicious washboard abs. Love Lori Foster's The Buckhorn Brothers Series and the new covers for the re-issues.


  1. Great choice!! This is one of my favorite series. I like that she redid all the covers. Very sexy!! ;)

    1. Thanks for the email back and offering your support. Love ya girl!


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