Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alpha Males After Dark: Lover UnBound by J.R. Ward

Alpha-Males After Dark is a weekly meme hosted on Monday's (After hours) by Ana @ Beach Bum Reads and Neyra here @ Darkest Addictions. Alpha-Males After Dark is an 18+ meme that has your favorite smutty scene from a book of your choice with your favorite Sezzy Alpha-Male. Following this, you will state why you chose said Sezzy Alpha-Male and that particular hawt & heavy scene. Your post can be as explicit or as conservative as you want. Just spill the deets, you know we will ;)

To join in on all the steamy fun all you have to do is head on over to their sites, link back up in the link section below and be a follower of both Beach Bum Reads & Darkest Addictions. Have fun! ;)

My Pick:

With  no warning at all she was tackled from behind, pushed face-first into the wall and held in place by a rock-hard body twice the size of her own. Her gasp was first one of shock, then one of sex as she felt V grind into her ass.

"I tried to tell you no," he growled as his hand buried itself in her hair and locked on, pulling her head back. As she cried out she ran wet between her legs. "Tried to be nice."


"Praying's not going to help. Too late for that, Jane."

There was regret in his voice, as well as erotic inevitability. "I gave you a chance to have it on your terms. Now we'll do this on mine."

She wanted this. She wanted him. 'Please-"

"Shh." He cranked her head to the side with a twist of his wrist, exposing her throat. "When I want you to beg, I'll tell you." His tongue was warm and wet as it rode up her neck. "Now ask me what I'm going to do to you."
Now this my kind of meme. I am sure you are suprised I did not pick my all time favorite author Lora Leigh, who writes the best Alpha Males out there. My first picked for this meme had to go to V in Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward. She has given us some yummy Alpha Male heroes and V is my favorite. That BDB warrior rocks my world.


  1. I love this meme~I will have to remember to join next week!!! Great choice!!! Oh and I just saw the cover for the new Lorelei James books on your side bar~verra, verra nice!!!! ;)

    1. I love this Meme too. Our kind of thing my Naughty Twin. I am lusting and drooling over Ballroom Blitz cover by Lorelei James. I hope to see you playing next Monday. Would love to see what you would pick.

  2. I'm so glad you could join us WickedlyD- and Mariann, Ana and I would love to have you be a part of the meme. Will be looking forward to your sexy alpha's next Monday ladies ;)

    You know what, I'm prob the only one who has yet to read the BDB series... but DAMN!!! V just slayed me w/ his up against the wall, ass grinding, hair pulling, and very, very demanding self!! >.< *fans self* phew! great pick Wickedly! ;) I hope you're having a great week! :D


    1. I was so excited to see this meme on your blog. My kind of thing. Love anything with Alpha Males and love to share with everyone. Great meme choice ladies! I was late this week but you will see my name in the linky going forward. V and Phurry are my favorites. You have to read the BDB series. A keeper for me.

  3. WD--Oh, woman--you know you can't have my V, right? LOL
    He is the Alpha DAWG.
    Love this scene. It's HAWT, sexy, and reeks of Alpha-tude.

    1. Oh babe I am keeping V and will begging him to do naughty things to me. LOL. This scene makes me want to read his book again.

    2. CAT FIGHT, lol.......I think another goodie from this book was when Jane was giving him a spongebath--I swear that scene is HAWT on audio.....you must check it out.

  4. oh man I love V...he is so sexy! oh goodness I love your choice ;) love that scene, lol, I'll beg his butt anyday ;)


    1. I know you will beg his butt anyday... I am right there with you begging.


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