Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Shortest books I've read (Some Freebies)

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Shortest Books I've Read
Contemporary Romance
Locked (The Alpha Group Trilogy #1)
By Maya Cross
Pages: 130
Rating 4 Stars - Loved It
This is a trilogy so book 1 ends in a cliffhanger and they will get their happy ending in the last book.
Loved Sebastian (delicious dirty talker) and Sophia. The sexual tension and sex is hot and well written with light BDSM. I loved how they both are doing something that they never done before. He never dates as in wining and dining and she has never had a casual fling. I read book 2 but for some reason do not have a review. I see a re-read in my future.
No Strings Attached (Falling For You Book 1)
By Nicolette Day
Pages: 62
Rating: 4 Stars - Loved It
Jace had me during the body shot scene with his over protective attitude.

Hayden: “Wait. What are you doing?”

Jace: “A shot.” He leaned close enough to whisper in her ear. “Or would you rather me beat the shit out of some poor guy for putting his mouth on you?”

Not only is best friends turn to lovers one of my favorite genre but an over protective best friend is a bonus. Hayden and Jace sure steamed up my e-reader and loved them together. The body shot scene is the best. I usually do not rate short novella’s more than 3 stars - Liked It, because something is always missing, but Nicolette Day had me falling for Jace in the beginning and the story line fell nicely through out the novel.
Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers #1)
By Lili St. Germain
Pages: 112
Rating: 4 stars - Loved It
What an interesting and different read. A bit on the dark side but with Jase the younger brother does bring some lightness to it. Not a fan of her actions sexually with a certain character but it is her determination to get revenge that I like. I did get this book free and thankfully was able to get the Gypsy Brothers: Complete Series on sale a while back for $0.99.

Erotic Romance
Rocky Mountain Heat (Six Pack Ranch #1)
By Vivian Arend
Pages: 162
Rating: 5 Stars - Amazing
Vivian Arend knows how to write about love, friendship with a sexy alpha male cowboy. I loved Blake’s character as he is a brooding, sweet, dirty talker and a bit jealous hero. All I will say is I want Blake, peaches and a dining room table. Vivian Arend is a master at writing some scorching but tasteful sex scenes. The fact that he is 10 years older than Jaxi is a bonus for me. Loving family with 6 delicious brothers that add so much fun to Blake and Jaxi story.


  1. Ooh nice! I feel so accomplished when I can get a book done in a day! LOL!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. I totally agree with you - it's hard to get the full character/story development in a short story. With such a good recommendation for No Strings Attached, I'm definitely going to check it out!

    1. I think this is the shortest book I read and the only one that worked for me. I do not know if I was just in a good mood but I loved it.

  3. Good to know you found some shorter stories with good development. I've come across a couple of these and they are probably still sitting on my kindle. I also like the freedom of finishing a story quickly in one sitting once in a while.

    1. Sometimes I get in a mood like that. Most of these work for me because I got them cheap. Hate when authors will charge a crazy amount for such a short book.

  4. This is great..because sometimes I am looking for a quickie. Except for those 5 book series with all the same couple and cliffies..i hate those!

    1. I love my cliffies but do get tired out of same couple for so long.

  5. I'm just gonna have to agree with everyone on here 😆

  6. Seven Sons was good, I have to check the others now!

  7. First the sexy cover, then I see its free, AND he's a dirty talker! SOLD! I went to buy it...only to find I already had. Time to bump it up! LOL

  8. I have heard that Locked is pretty fantastic, I do struggle with shorter books at times, but there are some I have read that are amazing

  9. Nice list! I read Locked and Seven Sons...I finished the trilogy but still need to finish The Gypsy Brothers series. I think I might have Rocky Mountain Heat on my kindle...gonna have to check that out since it's a 5-star read. ;)

    1. If you get around to Rocky Mountain Heat I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  10. I have the Arend one, I think. I really have liked the ones I've tried of hers. :)

  11. No Strings Attached is one I have been meaning to read forever. It sounds so good!


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