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Review: Seven Sons by Lili St. Germain

Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers #1)
by Lili St. Germain
My father was most certainly NOT an innocent man. As the leader of the Gypsy Brothers MC, he was guilty of many things. But he died for a crime that he didn’t commit, framed by an enemy within who then stole his club and everything he had ever worked to protect.

Including my innocence.

When Dornan Ross framed my father, he set into motion a series of events that could never be undone. My father was murdered by Dornan Ross and his sons when I was fifteen years old.

Before my father died, Dornan and his sons stole my innocence, branded my skin and in doing so, ensured that their lives would be prematurely cut short. That they would suffer.

I’ve just turned twenty-one, and I’m out for blood. I'm out for revenge.

But I didn't expect to fall for Jase, the youngest brother in the club.

I didn't expect that he would turn my world upside down, yank my heart out of my chest and ride away into the sunset with it.

Now, I'm faced with an impossible choice - Jase, or avenging my fathers death?
Rating: 4 Stars - Loved It
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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What an interesting read. The sex scenes were  not what I was expecting with a certain member and Juliette/Samantha. I can not even put a heat level on this book because it was twisted and made me cringe. In all honesty I was not sure how I was going to end up liking Seven Sons because of the sexual content but it was Juliette/Samantha determination to get revenge for her fathers death and what Dornan and his sons did to her.

Jase the younger brother did catch my attention. Juliette/Samantha and his friendship does add some light to this dark novel. There is more to them that she knows that he does not. I do look forward to more of them in future novels.  
I loved and admire Juliette/Samantha character. The great lengths she goes through to set her plan into motion to get revenge was crazy. I did wish I had a little bit more time of her transformation. She did have an easy plan to get her revenge but it all went  down hill. Now she has to take a different route that is not easy. The one thing she is sure of for her vengeance is fuck over Dornan, kill his sons and send the rest of  Gypsy Bothers Motorcycle Club to jail.
"My name is Juliette," I whisper, "and you just got fucked."
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  1. Mmmmmm... I don't know what to say. I've got it, but I won't place it on top of my to-read list. Thanks for sharing !

    1. Give it a go. You might enjoy the sex scenes more than me.

  2. Shari read this one and I think it left her reeling for days. I'm a bit of a softy so I think I'll just follow this story line through the blurbs and reviews because it has a pretty compelling story like for all the other stuff gooing on.

    1. I will have to check her review. Curious to her thoughts.

  3. Oh I don;t know. I have this one on my tablet and have been so curious. Is this one a semi-serial or is it a complete story?

  4. I loved this series, and Julz/Sammi's determination. This book is hard in some cases, but she is such a strong character. Great review!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    1. I look forward to more of julz/sammi character. It takes a lot of guts to do what she is doing now.


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