Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sexy Snippet: Colt's Choice by Patrice Michelle

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Colt's Choice (Bad in Boots, Book 3)
By Patrice Michelle

Sexy Snippet
"Keep your eyes open, or people may wonder what we're doing over here," he said in a low tone. Her eyes snapped open at the same time he slid a finger past the edge of her underwear, rubbing her own moisture against her throbbing nub. "It might help if you look at me, darlin'."

His deep, baritone, coupled with that sexy, seductive, Texan drawl, sent chills up and down her spine. As Elise locked gazes with him, he pushed a finger deep inside her, causing her to gasp and involuntarily rock her hips forward. His touch felt so good and so naughty at the same time. Despite her desire to hold back, she knew she wouldn't take long.

"Like that, do you?" he teased, his blue eyes smoldering.

Elise looked down, her cheeks flaming with heat.

"Don't look away, Lise. I want to see the passion in your eyes.

His voice was so sincere, so compelling. She returned her gaze to his.

"I'm so close," she whispered, then bit her lip. Pressing her hands against the table, she arched her back slightly to move against his hand.

"Not yet." He slowly slid another finger inside her channel, his touch intimate and thorough.

She gritted her teeth, trying to hold back the groan the added thickness rubbing against her elicited. "But I can't wait," she panted quietly, gripping the table for support.

"Yes, you can, Lise," he whispered into her ear, then trailed his lips down her neck to place a tender kiss on the bare skin along the sensitive curve of her shoulder...........

I am loving Colt's Choice and this sexy snippet from the Bar Scene. There is more toe curling before and after this snippet. Creamed my panties way before "Im so close".


  1. WD~
    LOL, I just bet you did...and you've convinced me to look up this one. I have seen the cover and was, er...inspired (yeah) to purchase this goodie.
    Here is my SS:

    1. Hi sweetie. You will love it! Let me know if you read it. Love to see your review.

  2. Hey you,
    I have never heard of the author or this series before. Thanks so much for sharing. I added to my TBR pile!! Have a great day!! :) I really have to start doing these memes again. UGH!! I am so far behind in my reviews it isn't even funny!!

    1. I know I only have time for LFC as I have been behind in my reviews too. You will love it. Ever get around to reading it let me know. Love to see your review.

  3. Oh wow. Yeah, I have to agree with Trish. The cover caught my attention but now, I really have to check this one out and add it to my TBR list!
    Thanks for joining SS and sorry I'm late stopping by!


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