Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wicked Wednesday Cover: Take Me

It has been a while since I read Take Me by Bella Andre. What I remember was fun and erotic with some sizzling sexual tension (especially the bathtub scene in Italy).
The cover is just yummy with Lily the Heroine in her black dress and sexy red heals showing off  her beautiful curves. Oh my  Travis the Hero  is out this world sexy baring his awesome chest and sinfully sexy bicep in  his dress pants.  Besides all the yummy going on in this cover I am luvin how Travis is holding Lily. To me it screams you are all mine. He looks like he is trying to control his hunger for her and not take her right there over looking the beautiful scenery on the patio.  Lily is giving off some serious Take Me vibes. 

Wow after writing this I am off to buy Take Me for my Nook as I gave away my soft cover. Darn wish I would of kept it.

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